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Wedding Show 101: How Much Is It?

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Many brides have never planned a wedding before, so talking with vendors is a completely new experience. The way you approach potential vendors can make a big difference in how they present their services to you.

During your initial conversation, resist the urge to lead with:

“How much is it?”

By identifying the cost as your top priority, you may be telling the vendor that price is more important to you than quality. That may prompt them to show you their cheapest packages and showcase the low end of their services.

Price is important, but you are looking for the best fit for your budget. That may not be the cheapest package or a low-end service. If you lead with price-oriented questions, the vendor may steer you toward the cheapest offerings and you may never find out about higher quality options.

You should also be wary of vendors who lead with questions like, “What is your budget?” Vendors who filter prospective clients based on cost alone are more focused on their bottom line than they are on providing quality services. And they may not be as attentive to your needs.

“What makes you different?”

Instead of focusing on price, ask vendors, “What makes you different from all the others?” This gives the vendor the opportunity to show you why you should choose them and sell you on their services, not their price. Once you have made a connection, learned more about the vendor and have found services you are interested in, then you can move on to discussing how much it will cost.

One great way to find vendors is at a local wedding show, where you can talk with several vendors, see their products and compare their services in just a few hours under one roof. To find a local wedding show near you, visit The Wedding Show Pros. Their extensive calendar features hundreds of shows all over the country.

If you live in or near Mississippi, consider attending a Dearly Beloved boutique wedding event in Starkville, Hattiesburg, The Delta or Oxford during the month of September. You won’t get a better opportunity to talk with the top wedding designers in your area in one place. Don’t forget to download BrideScan and make following up easier!

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