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How to Say No to Being A Bridesmaid

Of course you cherish those fun memories with your college sorority sister or childhood friend, but are you ready to commit to being a bridesmaid for her wedding? It really is an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but real life can get in the way of the needed commitment for your gal pal’s wedding. There are legitimate reasons that make being a bridesmaid not practical, so take our tips on the blog today on how to say “no” in a thoughtful way and still show your support for that special friend.

Be Straightforward and Honest

Maybe saying yes to being a bridesmaid for your friend’s wedding isn’t practical because of the expense of the dress, shoes, travel and time off of work. Be honest with your friend, but don’t make up excuses. The bride-to-be understands that weddings are expensive, even for bridesmaids. Remember that it is hard to say no, but waiting on telling your friend will delay the inevitable and could make it harder on the bride-to-be as she may rule out other friends that would be honored to be a part of the bridal party.

Author of the book “The Best Yes,” Lysa Terkeurst, gives great advice for learning to say no when it’s necessary. “When someone asks you to do something, and deep down you know the answer is no, a small no said immediately gives that person a small, immediate sting,” TerKeurst says. “But if you delay, the no becomes bigger and more painful.”

Remember, It’s Okay to Say No

Yes, we would all like to think that we are Wonder Woman, but in reality you can’t do everything or please everyone. Remember that a “Yes” to one thing is a “No” to something else. Consider your time with work and previous commitments, your finances and honestly if you would like to be a bridesmaid. Think through a decision overnight and remember thoughtful and honest is best, even if you have to decline.

Choose Classy Communication

In a world where text messages are a preferred form of communication, try to set a time that you can visit with your friend over coffee or at least through a telephone call. Relying on a convenient text message is the wrong choice, as what you mean to say could be misunderstood. Consider your friend’s feelings and make sure she knows how flattered you were to be asked to be a part of her special day.

Go the Extra Mile

What makes your friend feel special? Try letting her know that you saying “no” to being a bridesmaid doesn’t mean that you can’t add an extra hand to help with her wedding preparations. You can pick up a personalized gift basket with the latest bridal magazines and take her to lunch to chat about her ideas for her wedding. You also can offer to do something practical such as any last minute errands that need to be done close to the wedding day.

Truthful & Kind Words Matter

Even if you have to decline an invitation to be a bridesmaid, letting your friend know that you support her on her wedding journey and marriage will be greatly appreciated by her. Write a heartfelt note, send thoughtful flowers and express your appreciation for her friendship and the memories you’ve shared and have yet to be made!


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