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Create memorable wedding moments with last look photos

Everyone takes those first-look wedding photos, those pre-wedding reveal pics with mom, dad or your bridesmaids, and of course, that special moment you share with your partner just before your ceremony. We are here to champion those last-look wedding photos – those moments that don’t always get captured, but when they do, they tell the emotional story of your wedding. Photographers who capture last-look photos understand that these intimate moments are the truly special ones – moments and memories you’ll treasure for years. Here are some of our favorite last-look photo opportunities you may not have thought of yet.

The last toast with your friends

photo by MAC Photo Co.

Take a minute to have a special toast or prayer with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Brides should share a champagne toast or a prayer circle with their girls. Grooms, break out a special bottle, grab some beers for a toast to all you’ve shared during your single life, or share a prayer for your marriage with your friend circle. Your time with your friends is not ending, but it will change as your life as a married person begins. Honor those friendships by taking a minute to openly express your appreciation for your friends who have chosen to be by your side on your big day.

The last minute with your mom/dad/person before you walk down the aisle

Those seconds before you walk down the aisle are precious. These are your last moments as a single person. Your heart is full of joy and excitement. Your parent’s heart is full of love and a little sadness as you both transition to a new phase in your life and relationship. Take a few minutes to honor those feelings. Ask your photographer to station a second shooter at the entry to catch those hugs and heartfelt looks before you open the doors or enter the aisle. The emotion in that last-minute embrace is worth capturing.

The last minutes of your reception

We love a reception hangover shot. Will you be the last to leave your reception? Maybe your best friends or your parents will be hanging in after all the guests have left. Get your photographer to stage a cute “after” reception shot. After all that planning and partying, you know you’re going to be in that happy-tired space that can make really adorable photos.

The last dance

Yes, you’ve planned all the “first” dances, and your photographer will shoot them all. Have you thought of having a last dance photo, an intimate, “after-hours” kind of shot just for the two of you? As the reception starts to wind down, right before you get ready to leave, have your photographer shoot a last dance with just the two of you in the empty reception hall. Your guests will be lining up outside to toss those flower petals, blow bubbles, wave sparklers, etc. Take advantage of the empty dance floor, have your DJ drop a slow jam, and share one last dance with your new spouse before heading off to your new life together.

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