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Men’s wedding guest fashion dos and donts

Many men find dressing up for a wedding a rather perplexing matter. It’s not that they don’t know what to wear, but they are usually lost on how to dress up at their best for an important wedding event.

Well, it doesn’t have to be rocket science. You just need to consider your personality and then put some thought into choosing the right outfit.

That being said, let us make things much easier for you by sharing some wedding outfit tips you don’t get to hear often. So pay attention as we walk you through these somewhat uncommon men’s wedding fashion tips will go a long way in helping you get your best look at any wedding.

Men’s charcoal windowpane suit by FlexSuits

Do Consider Your Relation

This might sound a little weird but it’s actually a highly understated factor. You shouldn’t underdress to your best friend’s wedding, but at the same time, you don’t want to look the best dressed man in the room after the groom when you aren’t really one of the closest guests of either the groom or the bride.

Men’s blue two-button textured modern fit suit by FlexSuits

This is also something important to consider when accessorizing your outfit. Make sure you don’t look out of the place, but also don’t go overboard and come off as someone desperate for attention with respect to where you stand as a guest at the wedding.

Fit Is King!

A lot of men think that the design, pattern, or any other element of their outfit can cover up for the lack of a perfect fit. We hate to break it to you, but that simply isn’t true.

Men’s black tuxedo by FlexSuits

If the fit leaves something to be desired, it’s going to show in your overall look. It doesn’t matter how good the pattern of your suit or tuxedo, a bad fit will make itself known.

Don’t Overlook the Comfort

Another factor most men don’t give enough attention to. You can wear a super expensive, fancy-patterned tuxedo but still fail to make a statement.

Men’s plum navy two-button slim fit blazer by FlexSuits

This is simply because a shining personality requires confidence, and confidence comes from comfort. If you’re not comfortable in an outfit, you might not be able to fake it beyond a few minutes.

The lack of comfort is going to affect the way you feel, look, talk, and walk. So even if the outfit looks great on the outside, your best look will still evade you.

Don’t be Afraid of Experimenting (a bit!)

Sure, you don’t want to dress up in a suit for a black-tie wedding, but you sure can get a little experimentative when there isn’t a strict dress code.

In fact, we would dare say that tuxedos are often overrated as a wedding outfit. You can do just as well, if not better, with a modern men’s suit.

Men’s plum one-button suit by FlexSuits

You would at least have the advantage of having made a more unique outfit choice simply by going for a suit over a tuxedo. And if you choose the pattern and color of your suit wisely, you will almost be there in terms of looking at your best.

Unique Choices Pay!

That brings us to talking in more detail about making unique choices with respect to your wedding outfit. We really don’t understand why men need to play it so safe with their wedding outfits and stick to the boring traditional options.

In other words, you can absolutely ditch the traditional neutral colors and go with something more vibrant. You don’t even have to take it too far!

Men’s gray tweed 3 piece suit by FlexSuits

Simply picking charcoal over the traditional black or midnight blue over the more neutral navy can make a lot of difference. The latter choice would actually make a lot more sense for evening and nighttime weddings.

Ready to Ace Your Wedding Look?

While there are some other things too apart from the ones we covered above, like the accessories to pair with your outfit, but you do enjoy a lot more freedom in that area. However, following these 5 tips alone can open a whole lot of ideas and allow you to transform your wedding look.

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