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Beyond the veil

A wedding veil is more than just a filmy piece of cloth. For most brides, it represents everything “bridal” about being a bride. It’s no accident that bridal gown professionals keep several veils handy to clip onto a bride-to-be’s head when she thinks she may have found her gown. It’s the simple addition of that little piece of tulle and lace that gives a bride her “bridal moment.”

However, beyond that moment, many brides choose not to wear a veil during their weddings opting instead for florals, hats, sparkling hairclips, headbands, and even full-blown tiaras. Reasons for a veil-less look are as varied as the alternatives. Some brides don’t feel a veil is age appropriate. (For the record, we think a bride of any age can wear a veil.) Hats or hair accessories may look better for a more casual wedding style with a simple dress or pantsuit. Other brides simply do not want a veil to block the view of their gown or fabulous hairstyle. Whatever reason a bride has for skipping the veil, she has countless choices to keep her hair looking bridal ready.


A sparkling hairclip is a great accessory for updos, braids, or to pull back one side of long, flowing tresses. We’re in love (pun intended) with this super sweet L-O-V-E hairclip from Sweetv.com. It’s an unexpected and adorable addition to this messy updo.


Bridal headbands are a perfect alternative to a bridal veil. Headbands can be as simple as a single row of rhinestones for a little sparkle to elaborate creations of rhinestones, pearls, and flowers that mimic the details of your gown. We chose a few of our favorites from Sweetv.com that can be paired with gowns from casual to formal and multiple hairstyles.

A boho classic, this Sweetv.com ribbon-tied headband features enamel flowers accented with rhinestones for just a touch of sparkle. For a bride looking for full glam without a veil, a winding, rhinestone headband adds all the bling she needs.

Headbands also can be woven into the hair, hiding the clasp in an intricate hairstyle. We’re obsessed with this romantic, gold, trailing vine headband from Sweetv.com. By wearing the piece “upside down” at the nape rather than at the crown of the head, the piece creates a visual impact and accentuates the loose updo. A long veil could even be attached at the bottom of the band for a flowing, elegant look for the ceremony and removed for the reception without losing the sparkling accents in your hair.

Crowns and tiaras

For the princess bride, there is nothing better than a bridal tiara. Laden with sparkling rhinestones, bridal tiaras can be a simple band framing the face or a full-on crown perched on her head. If you are a royal bride type, then selecting a crown or tiara may just be the thing for you. Crowns can be worn with or without a veil, but there’s nothing like a full-length veil floating out from a bridal crown to present you like the queen you are.

Whether you choose to wear accessories like these alone or as an accent to your veil, there are so many amazing looks and options to choose from to get your perfect bridal style.

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