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Weekly Wedding Tips: 5 Tips for Wearing Fresh Flowers in Wedding Day Hair


  • Be Bold, but look like you! 

Fresh flowers look great in any hair style – up, down, braided, or wavy. Go bold and create a flower crown, or make it simple and dot flowers throughout your hair.

  • Flowers need TLC too!

You don’t want to look back in your pictures and see wilted flowers in your hair! Keep your flowers in water or in the refrigerator as long as possible before pictures for absolute freshness! Then let them dance freely for the party afterward!

  • A Tip for the Pros

Tell your stylist to finish your hair completely with products before putting the flowers in. They are product sensitive. No hair spray, volume spray, or any of the sorts! Also bring along inspiration pictures you like to give him a better idea of what you would like!

  • Decisions, decisions, and more decisions (But you still have to make one!)

Brides if you are indecisive, we are here to save the day! Which flower style are you looking for? Be careful when selecting flowers making sure that your choices match the theme of your wedding. Here are a few samples to make your choice a little easier! For a simple, rustic look, pair baby’s breath with rosemary or other herbs. For the classic, elegant look, place three simple pastel roses in the back of your flowing wavy hair.

  • Be confident and enjoy your day!

The pictures are finished and now it’s time to enjoy YOUR day!

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