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Investing in a Tuxedo: Short-term Rental or Long-term Commitment?

Photo courtesy of Tuxes Too

Unlike a beautiful bridal gown that is worn once, often never to be seen again, the classic tuxedo never goes out of style. Whether you should rent or buy a tux depends on several factors. Both have benefits and downsides, so we asked a menswear expert for advice.

Doug Douglas, owner of Tuxes Too Formal Wear, has a long history in the wedding industry. “We’ve been in business for thirty years. My mother owned The Bridal Path in Jackson for 47 years, so I grew up in the business,” he said. Tuxes Too has been outfitting grooms and groomsmen since 1990. Here are a few things to consider when making the decision to rent or buy your tuxedo.

How often do you wear a tuxedo?

“Once a year may warrant a rental,” Douglas explained, “but if you wear a tux two to three times a year, you should consider making the investment in a classic style.”

What time of year will you wear it?

A rented tux easily conforms to comfort and needs of a one-time occasion. When purchasing a tux, however, consider the type and weight of the fabric for year-round comfort.

Wool is the most popular fabric choice for men. The natural fiber is wrinkle free and breathable, which means it can be worn with comfort as the temperature changes from day to night. It is a bulkier fabric, compared to cotton and silk.

Cotton is the second most popular fabric choice. It is breathable natural fiber makes is a great choice for spring, summer and autumn. Cotton, however, wrinkles easily and may look less formal. Opt for a wool/cotton blend to help retain the shape.

Silk is by far the most luxurious fabric for tuxedos. Silk fibers are animal protein produced by silkworms to build cocoons and is, therefore, more expensive to produce. The smooth, breathable fabric provides superior comfort and can be worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Polyester is synthetic fabric. Because the manmade fiber does not breath as well, it is best suited for the less extreme temperatures of late autumn and early spring. Polyester is less expensive, but it does wrinkly easily. This is an economical choice.

For more information on specialty fabrics like linen, cashmere and velvet, contact to the experts at Tuxes Too.

Photo credit Elena Marchak

Is your personal style trendy or classic?

The timelessness of the classic tuxedo is a great long-term investment, but not everyone embraces traditional colors, silhouettes and styles. Tuxes Too and other rental outlets carry the latest trends in formal menswear. Because trends come and go, it may be more economical to stay on trend with a rental.

Renting also gives grooms more freedom to personalize and coordinate their look with the bride and wedding party, because it is a short term investment for a specific event.

What does your budget say?

“That’s really the most important question, right?” asks Douglas. “But many are surprised that purchasing a tuxedo may actually be less expensive than they think. At Tuxes Too, we often sell like-new, previously rented tuxes from our current stock, which is generally half the price of new.”

If you are on the fence, this may be the perfect solution. “We actually sell more used and out of stock than new, so this is a popular option,” he added.

So, should you rent or buy?

Douglas said, “The bottom line is this: tuxes that stay in the closet may go out of style or not fit, so consider your budget and your lifestyle. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to purchase a tuxedo, but if it doesn’t make sense for your lifestyle, renting is an excellent choice.”

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This post is sponsored by Tuxes Too Formal Wear. For more information about Tuxes Too, visit them online or at their location in Banner Hall.

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