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Wedding Show 101: The Groom Speaks

Wedding Show


When it comes to planning their big day, many couples are sharing the responsibilities. As a result, we are seeing more and more grooms at our local wedding shows. Premier Wedding Magazine has two wedding shows coming up. Here’s why you should bring your future husband!

  1. It’s his wedding, too! There are things he may want to include and details that mean a lot to him. Wedding shows are a great opportunity for the both of you to get inspired…together!
  2. He may have a few tasks to complete before the wedding, like planning the honeymoon, arranging for the limo and getting tuxedos for the groomsmen. Professionals who can help with those tasks will be at a local wedding show.
  3. Wedding shows often feature unique ways to interpret the latest trends. Making those detail-oriented decisions is much easier when you can both see the finished product together rather than relying on a cellphone photo.
  4. Many shows feature booths, contests and discounts that appeal specifically to grooms.
  5. You get twice the loot when you bring your beau. And who doesn’t want free drinks and giveaways?

Join Premier Wedding Shows in Gulfport, Mississippi on Sunday, August 20 and in Daphne, Alabama on Tuesday, August 22. VIP tickets are still available online!

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