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Going to a wedding show? There’s an app for that!

Budgets. Venues. Food. Florals. Entertainment. Decor. Bakeries. Dresses…there is so much to keep up with when you’re planning a wedding! Attending a wedding show makes it easier, but how do you keep up with all the new information you learned at the show? Your virtual wedding show assistant is just one download away.

BrideScan is a convenient smartphone app that helps you keep track of wedding vendors you are interested in after you’ve made contact with them at a wedding show. Now you can enjoy the wedding show experience without having to carry lots of business cards and brochures or wonder which of the multiple wedding cake decorators you liked most.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download BrideScan from iTunes or the Google Play Store.*
  2. Complete the profile with information you’d like to share with potential vendors. Your name, email address and phone number are required.
  3. Confirm your information.
  4. At the wedding show, scan the code at the booths belonging to vendors who interest you. Here’s what it looks like:
  5. Rate the vendors based on your interest level. Do that while you’re still standing near the booth (you think you’ll remember…but you won’t!).
  6. After the show, reach out to the vendors you’d like to talk with via email, phone or website.

Are you coming to the upcoming Premier Wedding Shows? We will be in Gulfport on Sunday, August 20 and Mobile Bay on Tuesday, August 22. Show us the downloaded app on your phone and you will receive a free gift!*

*Download the app this BEFORE the wedding show to prevent a WiFi traffic jam as everyone scrambles to get the app on site before the doors open. Higher traffic levels in one location slow down the data network and may prevent you and others from being able to download the app on show day. 

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