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Ask our wedding pros- expert answers to your questions

From time to time, we get requests for more information about the fashions or designs we share from our readers and those who follow our Pinterest boards. This week, Cissy Smith of North Carolina reached out to ask questions about a pizza buffet we featured in a past blog post. We tossed her question out to our wedding pro network and got some great advice from them that we wanted to share.

Weddings are more nontraditional than ever right now, and we are fully embracing it! Your wedding should be about things that reflect your style and tastes, and why not pizza? Picture pizza towers with different toppings on each or one long table with a little of everything. Deep dish or thin crust, doesn’t matter grab a slice.

Photo: Talia Jensen via CaitlynCope.com

Here’s what our wedding pros had to say.

James Clawson, Director of Events Urban Earth Studios

How many are you inviting? I’d think a good caterer could do this for you on-site. Are you doing seated dinner with chairs for all, or doing a cocktail reception style, which we do here in New Orleans more than seated?

If you are doing a salad bar, why not have the pizzas presented on a nearby buffet, or as part of the salad buffet? If reception style, guests can come and go as they want for most of the night. If seated, perhaps the pizzas can come to the tables piping hot while guests are getting a salad.

Why not bring the salad bar to the tables and go family-style all the way? Have lovely stoneware pottery, like in the photos, with nice napkins. Servers can be table-side to assist with passing food. Chill the wine and put it on the table, too. Wide banquet tables can be great for this type of service. but do not do this at 30″ table width.

Janie Roberson of Bella Grace Bridals & Formals

It would need to stay in a warmer box until it is time to eat, or have a pizza food truck out back to keep them coming in fresh and hot.

The Thirsty Ranch, Milton, Florida’s favorite bar service provider seconded the food truck idea offering up fellow wedding pro, Rolling Embers Brick Oven Pizza of Pensacola, Florida as an example of exceptional on-site catering.

We loved all of these ideas, and I’m sure our bride will find one that works with her wedding style. Keep asking those questions in our socials and we will get great advice from our wedding pros for you!

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