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5 Non-Sweet Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes can be a huge part of the big day, but what happens when you don’t like sweets? Enter our 5 non-sweet alternatives to wedding cake! Because it’s okay to not have a cake if it doesn’t fit your tastes or budget! So all you non-sweet lovers out there rejoice and start scrolling! 

Brunch Wedding with Pancake Wedding Cake Spread | photo by Sabel Moments | featured on I Do Y'all for 5 Non-Sweet Alternatives to Wedding Cake
Photo: Sabel Moments
Pancake Wedding Cake | photo by Blair Schluter | featured on I Do Y'all for 5 Non-Sweet Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Breakfast Foods

So some of these may classify as sweet like waffles, but it’s savory too, right? And honestly, who doesn’t like breakfast foods?! Create a pancake or waffle tower to resemble a cake shape. Or just go full on breakfast spread with eggs, croissants, crepes, bacon, etc. You already know we would be first in line! For a perfect example, this boho brunch wedding made this idea look so chic!

Photo: Blair Schluter via Ruffled Blog

Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake | photo by Stephanie Couture Photography | featured on I Do Y'all for 5 Non-Sweet Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Cheese Cake

No, not cheesecake as in Cheesecake Factory. We’re talking about a literal cheese wheel wedding cake. You can mix and match your favorite cheeses through the tiers! You can even have fun mini taste testings before the big day and talk about a way to ramp up your charcuterie board skills in the process. Just be sure to take in texture and smell into consideration too when planning your cheese wheel cake.

Photo: Stephanie Couture Photography

Champagne Tower for Wedding | photo by Sarah Anne Photography | featured on I Do Y'all

Champagne Tower

Forget the food completely! Go with an oh-so-chic champagne tower! Total Gatsby vibes, right? Instead of a cake cutting, you can pour the champagne and have an epic toast. It also makes for super cute wedding photos!

Photo: Sarah Anne Photography via 100Layer Cake

Pizza Wedding Cake | photo by Talia Jensen | featured on I Do Y'all for 5 Non-Sweet Alternatives to Wedding Cake


Weddings are more nontraditional than ever right now, and we are fully embracing it! Your wedding should be about things that reflect your style and tastes, and why not pizza? Picture pizza towers with different toppings on each or one long table with a little of everything. Deep dish or thin crust, doesn’t matter grab a slice.

Photo: Talia Jensen via CaitlynCope.com

Fruit Wedding Cake | photo by Ryan & Jacy Photography | featured on I Do Y'all


The original sweets – fruits! Yes, I know fruits technically are sweet, but they are in a league of their own when compared to typical wedding desserts. However you want to style your chosen berries and melons, there is no wrong way to go! This is perfect for an early brunch or midday wedding too!


by: Chelsey Gatlin

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