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5 Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas | Redefining Your Honeymoon

Unless you’ve been living under a major rock (and if so, can we join you?!), you know that this year and for the unforeseeable future weddings and honeymoons are looking A LOT different than before. So we’re here to help you in redefining your honeymoon experience! We’ve listed 5 unconventional honeymoon ideas below for you to still have an enjoyable honeymoon even if it’s not quite like what you envisioned! 

Tropical Honeymoon Location | photo by Roberto Nickson | featured on I Do Y'all
 Roberto Nickson

Postpone Your Honeymoon to a Later Date

If you still want a honeymoon just as you imagined before, then postponing your honeymoon to a later date may be the option for you. Obviously, there are certain travel restrictions especially when traveling abroad that will hinder a stress-free and romantic journey right now. Plus, just because you don’t take your honeymoon immediately after the wedding doesn’t make it any less of one.

Roadtrip Honeymoon Idea | Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas | photo by Karsten Winegeart | featured on I Do Y'all
 Karsten Winegeart

Roadtrip Honeymoon

Let’s bring back road trips! Just you and your new hubby/wifey driving along and experiencing a new area together. Grab your favorite snacks, make a playlist, and hit the road. Remember, it’s not necessarily about where you go, but who you’re with. 

Staycation Honeymoon Idea | Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas | photo by Jeremy Banks | featured on I Do Y'all
Jeremy Banks

Staycation Honeymoon

Or you don’t have to even leave your city for the honeymoon! How about a staycation honeymoon? Turn off your phones, book a fancy hotel (for example, search for hotels warrnambool if you live in Australia), and go to a nice restaurant you haven’t tried before. Explore the city in a whole new light or just stay in the hotel the whole time (wink, wink).  There’s more options than you think!

Glamping Honeymoon Idea | Unconventional Honeymoon Ideas | photo by Garrick Sangil | featured on I Do Y'all
Garrick Sangil

Glamping Honeymoon

For those more adventurous couples out there, why not consider a glamping honeymoon! Plenty of exciting activities and wilderness vibes while still having a romantic setting! Sleeping under the stars, cozying up in a cabin, or even staying in a treehouse, there’s nothing traditional about this honeymoon.

Beach Honeymoon Location | photo by Nathan Dumlao | featured on I Do Y'all
Nathan Dumlao 

Local Honeymoons

If you still want the travel aspect of a honeymoon without the road trip, consider more local honeymoon destinations that are closer to home. Check out a nearby city that you haven’t visited yet or revisit your favorite vacation spot. We may be biased, but the Gulf Coast is a great honeymoon location that’s close by! Not to mention, think back to our parents and grandparents who usually didn’t have these luxurious honeymoons jet setting all over the world. In those terms, it starts to feel a little more classic this way.

Photos via Unsplash.

by: Chelsey Gatlin

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