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So you’ve planned your wedding, your rehearsal dinner, and now all you have to do is finalize those last minute details and wait for your big day to arrive. Well, not quite. There are a lot of details that go into wrapping up your wedding that will need your attention. Who is in charge of taking your gown and gifts home? How is your groom’s tux getting back to the shop? What will you do with leftover food, cake and flowers? Who is driving guests to their hotels or the airport, and the list goes on. If you have hired a wedding planner, she will most likely attend to those details in advance, and you will be free to help plan what really matters – your honeymoon!

Tradition states that planning the honeymoon is one of the few responsibilities of the groom, but let’s face it, those days are behind us. Grooms are more involved in the planning of a wedding than ever before, and what bride truly wants to be surprised with the destination of her honeymoon? Today’s couples plan their honeymoon together either online or through a travel specialist so they can choose a location and activities that suit their tastes and relationship. Besides, have you ever tried to pack for a trip without knowing where you are going? Of course not!

Once you’ve planned your honeymoon, you will want to take some time in advance of your wedding to start getting your things together for your travel. The week of your wedding is no time to pack. You will be so busy with last minute wedding details, that you’ll likely forget something important for your trip. Start gathering your honeymoon items a few weeks before your wedding so nothing gets left behind. Think beyond special lingerie and clothing. If you need a passport, travel documents, or any type of immunizations, take care of those things as far in advance as possible. You will also want to make sure you have any prescriptions refilled in advance so you don’t run out of medication on your trip. Are you planning an adventure filled honeymoon? You may need special shoes for hiking, athletic gear or clothing. You’ll need time to get all these things together.

Planning your honeymoon packing in advance will alleviate any last minute stress the week of your wedding, and help send you and your beloved off for a fun-filled holiday. To help with your packing, we’ve compiled a checklist of honeymoon essentials for you. Click on the link to download a copy to add to your wedding planner. Honeymoon Checklist


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