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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Bartender

When planning their bar service, some couples might consider this the place to save on the budget and DIY. However, it might be a smarter choice to go ahead and hire an expert. You’ve hired a pro for all the details, why wouldn’t you hire a professional bartender? We reached out to Andy Nesenson, General Manager for The Iron Horse Grill in Jackson, MS, for some pro bar tips. Check out his top 5 reasons for hiring a professional, instead of winging it.

Quick, professional, and easy service
By hiring a pro bartender, your drinks will be served faster and smoother. It is their job to provide a peaceful, chaos-free environment for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention, they know how to whip up specific cocktails on a whim. “It’s no secret that bartenders are masters of mixing”, Andy says. “A pro will be able to handle any drink order thrown their way.”

Zero liability
As long as your bar service or bartender is licensed and insured, hiring a professional bartender means they assume the liability. “Insurance is the most important part of hiring a professional bar service, always request proof ahead of time,” Andy says. “Liability at a wedding might not be the first thing you think about, but it could be the most important.” Should Aunt Sally have one too many, a professional bartender knows when to cut her off.

One less thing to worry about
At your wedding, you should have every opportunity to reduce stress, and hiring a professional bartender will do just that. Having someone there to handle all the glassware, drinks, and inventory lets you relax and catch your breath. On top of that they can even help with clean up. 

It might even be cheaper
A professional bartender knows what they’re doing and how to do it. Andy points out, “Working with a professional means couples can figure out exactly how much they should order. Not to mention we bring the glassware, straws, and napkins – saving the couple money and the hassle of waste.” The mixologist you hire will have the professional pour down to a science – they know how much is too much or too little. It always pays to have a professional helping you out. 

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You can work with them to add a personal touch
What’s better than a special cocktail made just for you and your special someone? You can collaborate with your bartender and create a drink that represents you, and then share the sentimental beverage with your loved ones! 

With so much stress removed and possibly even some of your budget freed up, why wouldn’t you want to hire a professional bartender? After hearing Andy’s top five reasons to go with a pro, any couple wanting to take some weight off of their shoulders should consider this worry-free option. For more information on The Iron Horse Grill, visit them online.

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