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4 Ways to Make Sunglasses Shine At Your Beach Wedding

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In recent years, destination celebrations have become more than just a trend — they are a thriving industry poised to be worth over $78 billion by 2027. Among the plethora of exotic locales, beach weddings stand out as a favorite for couples seeking the epitome of romantic settings. Here, the sun-kissed beaches and gentle waves provide an idyllic backdrop for an unforgettable day.

It is in a delicate balance of sun-soaked joy and necessary care that sunglasses emerge as the perfect token. Beyond serving as a practical shield against sunburnt eyes, fending off glare from the water and golden sand, sunglasses become a stylish accessory and a wonderful memento. Below, we discuss four ways that sunglasses can help you encapsulate the essence of your truly special day by the sea.

Enhance your photoshoot with sunglasses

A beach wedding offers a canvas of natural beauty, and sunglasses, when used as savvy props, can elevate the overall aesthetic. Take inspiration from model Sofia Richie’s chic wedding in the seaside city of Antibes, France. In the few days preceding her coastal nuptials, Richie artfully wore shades with an array of designer dresses, from Chanel to Liat Baruch, showcasing how these accessories can become integral elements of bridal fashion. As the sun reflects off the waves, different sunglass styles like aviators or rounded frames can add flair and personality, enhancing the couple’s charisma in every frame. You can consider incorporating sunglasses into an official prenuptial photoshoot, creating a visual narrative that captures the essence of seaside romance and adds an extra layer of charm to your love story.

Commemorate with sunglasses as bride and groom gifts

Commemorating the special day with sunglasses as bride and groom gifts can not only shield your eyes but also symbolize the enduring nature of your love. Opting for sunglasses from reputable designer brands ensures a blend of timelessness and quality, making them perfect companions through the wedding, honeymoon, and the adventure of a lifetime. Select lightweight frames like Burberry’s BE4181 or Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster that are perfect for frequent beach use, creating opportunities to reminisce about your wedding day, while still wide enough to accommodate a personalized and meaningful engraving. Some retailers like Sunglass Hut offer this service for a minimal fee, allowing couples to add an intimate element to the gift and making sunglasses cherished keepsakes that symbolize the beginning of a shared journey.

Coordinate special tokens with the entourage

Guests often bring their choice of sunglasses for beach weddings, opting to wear them as part of the dress code throughout the event and removing them in time for formal portraits. However, the same practice may not apply to the entourage, who are frequently captured in photos. To mitigate this, you can gift the entourage with sunglasses that coordinate with the dress code, adding an element of stylish unity. Consider popular wedding colors like rose gold, which allow for a beautifully unique finish on sunglasses when customized by brands like Michael Kors. This thoughtful gift not only enhances the entourage’s style but also provides a practical accessory for beach moments.

Gift to guests as wedding favors

To ease guests’ inconvenience from having to bring their own shades, sunglasses can also serve as thoughtful favors for beach wedding guests. See how our previously featured couple recognized the significance of sunglasses amidst the Gulf Coast’s sugar-white sands. While they don’t need to be designer, it’s crucial not to compromise on essential functionalities like UV protection. Couples can order sunglasses in bulk from reputable retailers, often securing volume discounts. This ensures that guests leave with a stylish and practical accessory, protecting their eyes while leaving with tangible memories of the special beach celebration.

Planning a beach wedding comes with its unique set of considerations, and incorporating sunglasses into various aspects of the celebration can be a game-changer. As couples embark on the journey of planning their dream seaside celebration, embracing sunglasses as versatile and cherished elements ensures that every moment is captured in the most stylish and unforgettable way.

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