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Be prepared: a guide to wedding day emergency kits

So the big day is looming and you’ve got about one hundred things to check off of your “to do” list. If it’s not on your list already, do not forget to pack two small emergency kits, one for the bride and one for the groom. Yes, that’s right, even grooms have minor mishaps on the big day, and you’ll want to make sure he’s prepared for anything. And let’s be honest, he’s probably not going to get his own kit together, so you’ll save time and frustration by taking care of that in advance.

An emergency kit is not the same as your beauty kit, these kits are in case something happens – you lose a button, one of your bridesmaid’s has static cling, the hem comes out of a groomsman’s pants leg, etc. If you are working with a planner, she will have a lot of the items on your emergency list. You may want to pack your own just in case, and add those personal things like your favorite flavor of gum or water. If you’re handling your own details, you will definitely want to pack an emergency kit and designate a friend, we suggest someone not int he wedding party, to handle any emergencies that may arise.

You can purchase some ready made kits that come in adorable packaging and contain designer items. You can find them online, and they make great pre-wedding gifts. You’ll want to add some additional items to these pre-fab boxes though. They’re pretty basic. For the DIY bride, we suggest packaging your kit in a small clear container, a cute tacklebox (Walmart has them in cute colors), or a plastic hanging shoe bag with lots of sections where you can stuff everything, and hang it in a closet. We’ve prepared a short list of standard items you will want to have on hand, just in case. The best part? You can download these infographics and place them in your planner for future use!

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  • Adrian Jones
    April 19, 2019 at 9:54 PM

    I like how you mention that you should have a handy list nearby of what needs to be prepared just in case you might lose your head over getting so many things ready all at the same time! It’s important to learn how to keep your head on straight because the moment you start panicking during the last stages is when you’d end up driving not just your entourage, but everyone else crazy because of your overstressing and worrying. If I had the chance to relive my wedding again, I would gently remind my wife-to-be that she doesn’t have to worry about anything and that it’s safe for us to continue with the ceremony.

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