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HankyBook: A Renewable Way to Wipe Away Tears of Laughter and Joy

Be prepared for the swell of emotions on your wedding day with a sweet alternative to tissues and handkerchiefs.

HankyBook is a washable, renewable, reusable stack of thick, super soft organic cotton cloths sewn together like the pages of a book and covered in a protective outer layer. It is small enough to fit in your back pocket, big enough to last through cry-fest of happy tears and so versatile, you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

Photo: HankyBook

Oh, and HankyBooks are adorable, a much more attractive alternative to unsightly wads of tissue or soggy traditional handkerchiefs. Check out the variety of patterns and styles appropriate for everyday, baby and – of course – weddings!

Photo: HankyBook

Leslie Uke invented the HankyBook out of necessity: simply put, she has a nose like a leaky faucet.

“Take any snapshot of me in my adolescence, and you’d find tissues somewhere close by,” she explains. “I can’t tell you how many times I emptied the washing machine to see disintegrated tissues everywhere. I felt that I needed tissues.

“As I grew up, I became more environmentally aware, and when you realize the long journey and resources it takes to create a single tissue, only for it to go to your nose and then into the rubbish in no time at all – it just seemed so wasteful.

“At a certain point, I realized that the HankyBook was perfect as a favor for weddings, where emotions can catch guests off-guard and unprepared. It’s an invitation to let the wedding be a special and meaningful event where emotions are welcome, and you can stay in the moment because your HankyBook is on hand to save your makeup and catch those happy tears.”

Photo: HankyBook

Each HankyBook is made of four sheets of thick, organic cotton that are sewn down the middle to create eight “pages.” After using one page, simply flip to the next to conceal the used cotton, revealing another soft, clean “hanky.”

When not in use, the protective cover folds over to keep the interior of the HankyBook clean and prevent what’s inside from getting on your hands or clothes. HankyBook’s small size makes it easy to retrieve, use discreetly and replace in your pocket or clutch.

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Have we mentioned how cute HankyBooks are? We were so excited when a small package arrived containing several samples for us to try out. And we are hooked! Here’s what we love:


HankyBook comes in a variety of designs. Each one is made in the USA. These super soft, nose-friendly fabrics are machine washable and get even softer each time you wash them!

You can add a personal touch to your HankyBook with a monogram or single initial! Give them as gifts to bridesmaids, family members and close friends who may be prone to tears of happiness and joy on your big day.

HankyBooks make unique, useful – and timely – wedding favors. Orders of 150 or more receive a discount. Contact HankyBooks to find out more.

HankyBooks come in several different styles and personalized options, making them easy to incorporate into many different wedding themes.

If you love this idea as much as we do, find out more at HankyBook.com.  You can also learn about everything from costs to care to the many, many uses of this earth-friendly innovation. Contact HankyBook directly to inquire about bulk orders and personalized options.

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