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Engagement Shoot in the Dinosaur Capital of the World

Britt and Rob celebrated their rock-solid commitment with an engagement shoot by photographer Brina Debalinhard in Drumheller, a town in the southern part of Alberta known for its high concentration of dinosaur fossils. This adventurous couple is up for anything, which made their engagement shoot in the Canadian badlands with Brina an amazing experience!

How They Met

“We first met when I went out with one of my girl friends dirt-biking out in the forest,” Britt recalled. “It was just a quick introduction. I never though anything of it. A few weeks later my friend invited me out camping where Rob and a bunch of other people were.

“The last night of the weekend Rob and I found our selves talking about everything but mostly our pasts, our feelings about relationships and how we were both sworn off of dating and wanted to be single for a while. After camping Rob had reached out on Facebook (good old Facebook) and we began talking. Soon to follow was spending time together and talking everyday.

“Those feelings of wanting nothing to do with dating became wanting nothing other than to be with each other. I could never have imagined finding someone with such a loving, wonderful and genuine soul. There’s no doubt in either of our minds that we were made for each other. He’s my best friend, my saving grace and my person. Who knew stumbling into each other in a forest would end up being the fairy tale kind of love we both always dreamed of having?”

The Engagement Shoot

“I have been dying to shoot in Drumheller!” Brina said. “When Brittany said they are down to shoot anywhere and ready for anything my heart skipped a beat. I love adventurous couples. When you trust me to guide the session it makes me so happy. So Drumheller it was, a gorgeous clear day and these two full of love. Brittany literally didn’t stop smiling the whole shoot. SUCH A RAD COUPLE. We hiked, we scaled rocks and it was damn amazing.”



Congratulations Britt and Rob! – IDY


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