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Flask Cocktails: 3 Wedding Pick-Me-Ups & Party Starters

It’s no secret that wedding days are chock-full of enough love and memories to last a lifetime, but a 7 a.m. hair and makeup call means a much-needed 4 p.m. pick-me-up. Meet The Hip Sip from Coopers’ Craft Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey— the perfect bottled beverage combining cold brew coffee and flask cocktails, to keep the bridal party awake and having a good time well into the next morning.

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At 82.2ABV Coopers’ Craft has a softer, lighter flavor profile, making the bourbon extremely versatile and perfect for flask cocktails! Coopers’ Craft is a refined toasted wood whiskey taken through a unique beech and birch finishing process for a smooth and flavorful bourbon that complements any cold brew perfectly. 
For those looking to keep the party going all night long, The Hip Sip from Coopers’ Craft Brand Ambassador, Michael Ring, is the perfect solution.

The Hip Sip

2 oz   Dry Curacao
3 oz   Cold Brew Coffee
2-4 dsh   Chocolate Bitters
Add all ingredients to measuring or mixing glass. Stir, and taste for sweetness level.

Check out additional flask cocktails made with Coopers’ Craft below!

(Photo Credit: Punch Media)

Two Old Friends

5 parts Coopers’ Craft Bourbon 
3 parts Korbel Brandy 
1 part Orange liquor 
4-6 dsh Angostura Bitters 
1 parts Water 
This sippable tipple combines 2 great Old-Fashioneds. It will warm up any cold night. Mix in a measuring cup then fill the clean flask with funnel. To find what constitutes a part start with the total amount of OZ needed to fill the flask and divide by 10.

Winter’s Warm-up

5 parts Coopers’ Craft
2 part Apple Juice 
2 part Ancho Chile liquor 
1 partHoney Syrup (1 cup Hot water mixed with 1 cup of Honey cool and will store up to 2 weeks.)  
Mix all ingredients prior to filling flask and taste for sweetness level. 
Fill any 8 oz flask and enjoy responsibly! 

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