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Say I DO to These Workouts for Your Mind and Body

So much work goes into planning a wedding. While taking care of the details, don’t forget to take care of yourself! No matter where you are on your fitness journey, exercise is great for your body and mind.  Here are a few workouts that can fit into any busy bride’s schedule.


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When you’re pounding the pavement, you can put aside the details and priorities competing inside your head and truly clear your mind.

If you are new to running, Runner’s World is a great place to start. Their 8-week Beginner’s Guide starts with more walking than running and gradually progresses to more running than walking until you are able to run two miles without stopping. Couch to 5K is another program for beginners that takes you literally from the couch to running three miles (or 5 kilometers) in two months.

Seasoned runners, especially those who are struggling to get that run in, can join running clubs that meet at local athletic shoe stores, parks or multi-use trails. These groups provide encouragement, accountability and advice from pros.  They often welcome new runners to the fold and are a great place for two- and three-milers to push themselves to the next level.

For tight schedules and even tighter budgets, running and brisk walking is a quick, inexpensive way to get moving as soon as…today!

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are low-impact workouts that appeal to all fitness levels. Not only do they build strength, increase mobility and improve flexibility, both promote overall wellness and encourage mindful meditation.

Katie Taylor is a yoga instructor, physician and owner of Balance Health and Medicine. “One reason yoga is so effective is that, even though it is not a high intensity workout, it helps to build strength,” she explains. “It also allows you take time just to relax and connect your mind with your body.”

Sara Leach, owner of Downtown Pilates, agrees, “With Pilates, you can build strength without using weights. Pilates can tighten up those core muscles which  improves your posture and balance over all.” And that’s important when you are preparing to take that walk down the aisle!

When looking for a yoga or Pilates studio, ask about trial memberships. Many offer a free class so that you can try before you commit. Silence your phone for an hour and enjoy some well deserved peace and time to focus on yourself.


Dance classes like Zumba are a fun way to tone up and get your cardio on track. Zumba is a choreographed aerobic workout that includes several styles of Latin American dance set to Latin American dance music. It is a solo workout, so no dance partner is required.

Zumba is a cardio workout, which means it burns calories faster than lower-intensity workouts. It releases endorphins, which lifts your mood and makes you feel great after your workout!

Zumba instructor Carrie Truhett says she loves doing Zumba because the classes are fun and she gets to express herself. “Zumba class is a judge-free environment, and the dance steps are easy to learn. So, even if you’re new to working out, you can still enjoy this workout to its fullest!” And, like most dances, Zumba is a social experience.

Like yoga and Pilates, many Zumba classes offer a free session before you sign up.

Whether you choose running, Pilates, yoga, or Zumba, you will look and feel your best as you prepare for your big day.

Stay fit!

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