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5 Breezy summer honeymoon dresses by Frank & Eileen

The Mary dress by Frank & Eileen

The best summer dress awaits you right around the corner with Frank & Eileen’s best picks for any occasion! Perfect for your honeymoon, these cute and comfy dresses can be dressed up or down for a night out or just cruising the town for an afternoon of shopping and sightseeing.

Photo: The Phoenix

Summer is right around the corner and whether you’re looking for cute outfits for summer wedding planning or prepping for your honeymoon wardrobe, it’s important for you to find your dress of choice for this upcoming warmer weather. There is no better feeling than soaking up the sun and feeling the breeze wearing a comfortable dress—perfect for the beach or going out with friends or family.

Frank & Eileen are a high-end clothing brand that sell some of the best summertime dresses, shirts, bottoms, and much more in a style that appeals to many women. One of their summer dresses may be the best choice for you to show off your style, while also looking and feeling your best.

With so many dresses to choose from, it can be difficult to decide on one, so let’s take a look at some of the best Frank & Eileen dresses perfect for any honeymoon or summertime look!

Frank & Eileen Garbarini Dress

Photo: Garbarini

Finding the perfect summertime dress shouldn’t be as difficult as it’s made out to be. Frank & Eileen have a huge selection of dresses that come in many types of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors to fit your fashion needs, the hardest part is picking one that best suits you. Pair this adorable frayed jean dress with some strappy sandals and an oversized bag for a day full of wedding planning.

Frank & Eileen Rory Dress

Frank & Eileen’s Rory dress is a signature garment that is great to wear for an easy, loose, and carefree look after a long day basking in that honeymoon sun, and you can wear it all summer long. Image courtesy of Bliss Boutique

There is nothing quite like finding the perfect dress to live in all summer and finding something that speaks to you but is also comfortable, is essential. No matter what length you like your dress to be, sometimes long dresses can provide a sense of comfort and look great for any occasion.

Frank & Eileen’s Rory dress may be one of the best options for you because of the effortless style it provides, and it’s also easy to dress it up or down regardless of the occasion. This is a maxi shirtdress that can come in a specific denim wash, linen, or organic voile. It’s  a full-length button shirtdress and features a comfortable and relaxed fit that you can purchase in XXS to XL.

Frank & Eileen Mary Dress

If you prefer a shorter version of Frank & Eileen’s Rory dress, the Mary dress is a great alternative and perfect for any summertime look. Image courtesy of Petit and Olson

There are a ton of summer dresses by Frank & Eileen to choose and feel classy yet preppy in. If you love the Rory dress, and wish they had a shorter option, the Mary dress is the one for you.

With the Frank & Eileen Mary dress, you are going to love the shorter-length denim, linen, or voile style dress that allows you to roll the sleeves up or down to make the perfect summertime outfit. The hemline of the dress runs right above the knee. Top off your bathing suit with the Mary dress for a polished and easy cover-up, or wear it as a long top with pants once the sun sets.

Frank & Eileen Lauren Dress

Polo dresses are in style this summer and Frank & Eileen’s Lauren dress is the perfect for a carefree look. Image courtesy of Frank & Eileen.

Sometimes no summer look is complete without a polo dress, and luckily Frank & Eileen makes one of the best ones in the fashion industry. Their Lauren dress is the perfect polo look that comes in a black, white, or black and white striped, and you’ll love the collar that adds the extra preppiness you may be looking for. 

This dress can be worn for a multitude of reasons, such as for running those pre-wedding errands, attending a luncheon with a friend, or even for going to play tennis or golf with your fiance’. This is a new arrival among Frank & Eileen, so make sure to grab yours before it goes out of stock.

Frank & Eileen Hunter Dress

The Frank & Eileen Hunter dress is perfect for a completely all-around comfortable look that can also make a great cover-up at the beach. Image courtesy of Hearth & Soul

The Rory and the Mary dresses are among some of the most iconic looks from Frank & Eileen, but there is also the Hunter dress that is very similar. The Hunter dress is the perfect option if you want a more relaxed feel when wearing one of their dresses, and the main difference is that it has step hem for extra length in the neck.

Frank & Eileen’s Hunter dress is the perfect go-to look if you’re looking for something similar to the Mary dress, but a bit more polished with a dressier feel that can be dressed up or down. It also features a signature button placement that sits at the fullest part of your chest that can extenuate your collarbone and neck too. The Mary dress looks cute with a pair of cute tennis shoes, or layered with some beautiful jewelry and cute sandals, the Mary dress is the perfect dress for a beach-side dinner with your new hubby.

Frank & Eileen Harper Dress

The Frank & Eileen Harper dress provides an easy-to-wear shirt dress that is extremely comfortable during the summertime and the perfect dress for all day, honeymoon sight-seeing. Image courtesy of Frank & Eileen

If you are looking for another longer dress to wear during the summertime, there is no better dress than Frank & Eileen’s Harper dress. This is the perfect tee maxi dress that is ultra comfortable and great to pair with some heels or sneakers for a cozy, carefree look.

The Harper dress comes in a beautiful bright red, pink, black, or white color and also has a small, yet fashionable slit at the bottom going midway up your calf. The collar line of the dress is at the neckline and it provides the boyish, yet perfect-tee look that you’ve been looking for in a maxi dress.

Shopping from a new brand can be intimidating, but knowing great reviews can help solidify your decision!

Frank & Eileen is a reputable brand with many happy customers who love the clothing that they purchase. Image courtesy of Frank & Eileen.

If you are interested in Frank & Eileen, it is crucial to get to know the brand through the best source possible, the customers. Customer reviews can help  make your decision when it comes to purchasing something, especially when it comes to high end fashion brands.

Consider some of the best customer reviews of Frank & Eileen to help make your decision!

. There are a ton of reviews for Frank & Eileen right on their website—they have over 20,000 reviews of honest thoughts from first time and long time customers of the brand – whether it’s the materials they use, the comfortability of every garment, or even the selection that they have to offer. Being able to check out a trusted source such as verified buyers from their page is one of the best things that you can dot to make sure that this brand is the one for you.

Let’s look at some honest reviews about Frank & Eileen to help you make the decision if one of their dresses is what you need to complete your honeymoon and summertime wardrobe!

“LOVE this dress and style (in many different colors)! I am watching diligently until they come out with the beige color Rory! I want both these dresses!” – Patricia S.

“Everything I’d hoped for – seriously! I’m 5’11 and slim, this dress fits like a dream. The cut and length work great – totally worth it!” – Meri C.

“The quality of the material is exceptional! It feels so fresh and natural while wearing. One compliment included loving the long sleeve (for beachwear). The design and color was perfect for a weekend on the California coast.” – Casie J.

“I have yearned for this dress for months, thinking it might be the perfect, youngish dress for a 62 year old. Guess what. IT IS!!! Above-knee length hits exactly right, 3/4 sleeves cover aging skin, collar hides neck folds. Thanks, Frank & Eileen! The Mary got me SO many compliments.” – Suzanne T.

There are no dresses quite like Frank & Eileen’s preppy, yet comfortable and fun frocks to wear. Trying to find the best dress from them can be difficult since there are so many great ones to choose from that have a relaxed fit perfect for any occasion, but overall the brand offers a wide selection of dresses no matter the style you choose.

Consider picking out a Frank & Eileen dress that you can wear this summer to look and feel your best!

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