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10 Cozy Wedding Food & Drink Ideas

This time of year, especially this week, has us thinking all about the cozy vibes and of course all the delicious food. Well, we wouldn’t be in the wedding business if that didn’t also get us to considering all the cozy wedding food & drink ideas too! If you’re wanting to add a little bit of warmth and comfort into your wedding menu, try these 10 ideas below!

Cozy Fall Wedding Tablescape with Farm Tables, Macrame Table Runners, & Apple Decor | photo by Sabel Moments
 Sabel Moments

Biscuit Bar

One of the holy grails of comfort foods for us Southerners is the biscuit! A biscuit bar at your wedding is a wonderful choice for adding in some coziness! Add your favorite jams, butters, and more to make it truly unique to your tastes.

Grilled Cheese & Soup Shooters

Want something to warm your guests hearts and bring some childhood memories into the equation? Try grilled cheese and tomato soup shooters! It’s an automatic thought when it comes to comfort foods and oh so delicious.

Warms Drinks 

Think coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, hot toddies, or your other favorite warm fall drinks! You can present yours as your specialty drink or designate their own bar for it. 

Bride & Groom Custom Coffee Drinks with Nametags | photo by Redfield Photography
Redfield Photography


A s’mores station is excellent for wedding receptions! It’s a great group activity around a fire pit under the stars and screams fall. Plus the kiddos in attendance will be in chocolate and marshmallow heaven!

Charcuterie Boards

Oh, how we love charcuterie boards here at IDY. It’s an excellent way to elevate even a simple dinner party and your wedding too! Two options we love are to either have a large grazing table during cocktail hour or have multiple smaller boards scattered throughout your guest tables. Who’s with us?

Chic Charcuterie Board on Wooden Trays for Intimate Weddings with Matte Black Plates | photo by phoebe o + co
phoebe o + co.

Cookies & Milk

Another contender in cozy wedding food that beacons back to the memories of childhood are cookies & milk! Whether those are also in shooters or passed by your catering team, we’re all about it!

Brunch Bar

Does brunch not make everyone happy?! It’s really an unexpected touch when it comes to wedding menus too! Pancakes, waffles, bacon, and fruit. We’re drooling just thinking about it. 

Boho Brunch Wedding Spread | photo by Sabel Moments
 Sabel Moments


Of course, how could we forget pies in our list of cozy wedding foods?! It’s almost the go-to for cozy foods actually, and we’re not ones to deny any pie. Apple, pumpkin, you name it, we’re here for it.

Potato Bar

We don’t know about you, but when we think of savory side dishes the potato is number one. A potato bar at your wedding gives your guests some great sustenance to keep dancing all night and also a chance to customize it just to their liking! 


Donuts are the perfect after dinner snack and make a great option for an alternative to wedding cake as well! From donut walls to towers, there’s no wrong way to have donuts in your big day. 

Donuts at Wedding on Round Farm Table with Pine Decor & Candles | photo by Jen Menard Photography
Jen Menard Photography

What’s your favorite cozy wedding food or drink?

by: Chelsey Gatlin

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