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Marriage Masterpiece: 4 Reasons to Love Live-Wedding Paintings

Modern and memorable weddings embrace newfound trends and timeless traditions. A wedding is about your and your spouse expressing your personality and capturing the memorable moments of your first day as newlyweds together. In addition to professional wedding photographs, we love the emerging trend of live-event artists who paint at wedding ceremonies and receptions to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Consider our 4 reasons to love live-wedding paintings!

  • A Live-Wedding Painting Can Be Your First Piece of Artwork to Collect as a Couple. No matter if your first home together is an apartment or a cozy home, you will love having an original piece of artwork from a talented artist to display in your home. What will make this piece of art even more special is that it will show a very special story from your wedding day that you can share with those who visit your home.

Artist: Wyatt Waters {followell | fotography}

  • A talented artist can capture that special moment between you and your spouse when you have your first dance together as a couple. You and your guests will love taking a peek at the finished painting!

Artist: Mark Millet

Artist: Mark Millet {Sully Clemmer Photography}


Artist: Wyatt Waters

  • A professional artist can paint in various mediums such as oil, acrylic or watercolor. You can choose an artist with a style or medium of choice you prefer to create that perfect painting of you and your spouse. Make sure to take a look at their portfolio (even on social media) to get a look at their previous work!

Ben Keys with Wed On Canvas


Ben Keys with Wed On Canvas



Red Shutter Studio

Images by Berit, Inc.

  • Even though a wedding takes countless months and hours of planning, the wedding day passes by quickly and those moments become memories. Having a painting of your wedding day can help you and your spouse reminisce on the day that your journey of love as a married couple began.

Artist: Wyatt Waters

Ben Keys with Wed On Canvas

Ben Keys with Wed On Canvas


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