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Thimblepress Celebrates Life’s Big Moments with Smart, Inspired Design

The antique letter presses in the old Tucker Printing House on North State Street are still at work, but the end result is anything but old-fashioned.

The Perpetual Celebrations Calendar features 12 original hand painted illustrations and gold foil accents on each page.

Jackson-based Thimblepress is a homegrown collaboration of manual printing press and digital branding design that started in 2011 inside owner Kristen Ley’s bedroom, closet and one half of a garage in North Jackson. “We looked like hoarders,” she laughs. “There were boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling and on every work surface, but honestly, I thought it was normal. Isn’t this what everyone does when they’re pursuing a dream?”

”Ley and her team find inspiration everywhere, including the downtown work space they moved into in 2012. The interior, including the beautifully decorated apartment on the second floor, oozes charm and cheerful, colorful energy. The studio reflects Ley’s philosophy of bringing fun into the workplace, something she learned while interning one summer with Matchbox Studios in Dallas, Texas.

“I learned so much in that summer about how a studio operated, the open environment, working together and how you have to incorporate play and animals into every workplace. It’s not unusual for us to have a minimum of four dogs and one cat up here a day. For us, having animals at work makes the work environment more relaxed, fun and more like home.”

Kristen Ley with her two fur babies, Willow (top) and Henry (bottom).

“Thimblepress was born out of a desire to make things with my hands, to make beautiful products, and to make others smile with our products,” Ley explains. As a result, celebrations are Thimblepress’ specialty. From party supplies to uniquely designed cards and exclusive collections suitable for bridal showers, wedding parties, bachelorette festivities and more, the designers at Thimblepress continually use their cheery aesthetic and cheeky designs to send a positive message to the world.

The world has noticed. With collaborators like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Hallmark, and, most recently, Target, Thimblepress continually demonstrates what Mississippi creatives can do. “Life is short, and there are a lot of things that can bring us down in life, so if I am going to put anything out into the world it is only going to uplift someone or make them feel better.”

Thimblepress is a southern brand that helps customers celebrate all the big days in their lives. (Love & Wedding Cards)

Plan the details…

…and capture all the sweet memories. (The Day Dreamer)

Spread the joy with the world’s sparkliest bachelorette party! (Push-Pop Confetti)

Fun gifts show gratitude with glitz appropriate for sparkly people… (Everyday I’m Sparklin’ Tote)

…and fancy friends! (Fancy Mug)

Who knew gift wrap could transform into a wearable art? Pin this craft idea to your bachelorette party board! (Dots & Color)

There will be plenty of time for beauty rest after the big event, not that you need it. (Throw Pillow)


Paper Skirt: Chole Clutter + Daisy Stutts
Clothing: Mimi’s Bridal
Styling: Adam Myrick
Make up: Ally Reid
Photographter: Tristan Duplichain

Jamie Smith
Mary Ryan Karnes
Nadia Jones
Audrey Pope

Author: Ashley Locke, Writer for DIME Entertainment Magazine
Editor: Natalie West, Digital Content Editor for Premier Wedding Magazine

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