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8 Wedding Day Beauty Preparation Tips To Remember

Wedding day beauty is more than just hair and makeup. Here are some pre-wedding tips for both brides and grooms to get your look wedding ready.

Organizing a wedding takes a lot of time and effort. After all, those wedding bands and caterers won’t organize themselves. But it’s important to remember that while those additions will provide the fanfare, you (and your partner) are the shining lights of the event. You’ll likely never have as many photos taken of you in a single day as you do on your wedding day, and, as such, you’ll want to ensure that you’re looking your absolute best.

There’s no reason to just hope that you wake up and you’re having one of those picture-perfect days. The smarter approach is to make sure that you’re looking the best. By planning ahead of time, you can ensure that every detail that makes up the most visually-appealing version of yourself is in place. Here’s how you do it.

Learn to Relax

Having a relaxed demeanor is one of the most underrated beauty tips that we know of. After all, you can put every hair in place, but if you’re feeling overly stressed, then it’ll show — as they say, the camera doesn’t lie. Plus, you’ll be more likely to engage in behavior that dampens the impact of your beauty regime. Nervously biting your nails will not make them look any better! So in the weeks leading up to your wedding day, make sure that your stress levels are kept well under control. Don’t wait until you’re feeling stressed before you take action. Instead, build relaxation techniques into your schedule. It’ll make a difference, trust us!

Invest In Your Hair

Your hair will be arguably just as influential as your dress when it comes to your overall appearance. So it’s crucial not to put your hair in the hands of the hair gods. You might wake up with your hair looking luscious, but on such an important day, why take the risk? Your hair preparation should begin several months before your big day. At that point, take the time to really understand your hair; where, for instance, do you fall on the low porosity hair vs high porosity scale? Once you know what you’re dealing with, you’ll find it much easier to find a hairstyle that works for your particular type of hai

Teeth Whitening

And then the fun can begin. Coming up with a hairstyle for your wedding day should be part of the fun. The goal is to find a style that functions as an elevated version of your existing hair. There’s no reason to wear your hair up on your wedding day if you never do in your regular life (unless it’s a banging look, of course!). Work with a stylist you trust to come up with a look that you love.

You’ll be smiling a lot on your wedding day. For one — hopefully — just from happiness that everything has come together so well. And second, because you’ll be posing for a billion photographs, and unless it’s part of your personal brand, a moody stare down the camera is not the look you’ll be going for. Time to flash that smile! You’ll feel much more confident about having so many people see the inside of your mouth if your teeth are up to scratch. So in the months leading up to the big day, be sure to visit your dentist, probably on multiple occasions. You can get quick touch-ups if required. You may also consider fast dental treatment if you need to straighten out a few teeth — some treatments can take as little as six months.

Hit the Gym

Hitting the gym has a host of benefits in the run-up to your wedding day. For instance, it’s a great stress-buster — and take it from us, you will feel stressed leading up to your big day. Everyone does! And there are obvious appearance benefits, too. We’re not encouraging crash dieting though. Making sure you eat a healthy diet and getting in some exercise will do more than make you look good. It will help you feel better and give you the stamina you need for planning AND your big day. Planning a wedding is a marathon, and your actual wedding day can be a test of endurance. Weddings are an all-day event for the couple, and starting a training regime, you can ensure that your body is in peak condition on your wedding day. Plus, this will also ensure that your posture is all that it can be, too, and that’s something that can really make a difference in photos.

Be Wary of Trying New Products

In their eagerness to ensure that they look as great as possible, many brides-to-be look at trying new products and procedures that could take their beauty to whole new heights. However, while there’s a chance that you’ll finally land upon a product that becomes a lifelong favorite, there’s also a chance that you stumble upon a product that doesn’t quite agree with your skin. If that happens, and you’re left with less-than-perfect skin, you’ll want to have enough time to correct the damage. So don’t mess around with new products in the month running up to your big day. Try them in the 6 – 3 month period.

Eat Healthy

Everyone feels better when they’re eating healthy. Indeed, just a few days of unhealthy eating can make us feel a little less perfect than we’d like. In the week leading up to your wedding, be sure to eat good-for-you meals. You can always indulge in treats that are less good for you on your honeymoon!

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

The booze may be flowing at the reception, so you don’t need to get a head start. Plan your bachelor/bachelorette parties well in advance of your wedding. The week prior (or the night before!) is not the time to over-indulge. You don’t want your wedding pics to capture your puffy eyes or sunburn lines from that alcohol-infused nap on the beach.Your focus should be on drinking water and keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum. Indeed, you may even decide to go teetotal in the month leading up to your wedding. You really won’t look or feel as good as you do following a month off from alcohol. Plus, your eyes will be shining oh-so bright.

Get Plenty of Rest

Finally, remember that’s nothing as effective as beauty sleep! By ensuring that you’re getting plenty of rest, you can ensure that your mind, body, and spirit are in tip-top condition. The weeks leading up to a wedding can be pretty chaotic, but it’s recommended to make a point of prioritizing your sleep. You’ll be thankful on your wedding day when you look well rested and happy. Plus, you’ll need all that energy for the dance floor!

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