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Black & White wedding photos – yes or no?

Should you ask for black & white pictures to be included in your wedding album? Absolutely! Let me say it louder for the folks in the back – YES, YES, YES! Black & white shots are an entire mood, and we can not get enough of them. Black & white photos add a layer of old school romance, emotion, and drama to your wedding pictures. This shot captured by Appalachian Wedding Photography is, in a word, breathtaking. We are completely in love with this gallery of color and black & white photos from Nate and Taylor’s north Georgia wedding.

Now, before you message your photographer that you want tons of black and white pics, let’s calm down a little bit. There are some things you need to clearly communicate with your photographer about adding black and white shots. First, you want to ADD black and white photos. You do not want an album full of black & white pictures and no color. Adding just a few special shots in black and white elevates your gallery, and while your mom might not want a large black & white print of you and your beloved hanging above her mantle, you probably will. Besides, you’ll want to be able to look back at your color palette and decor details with pride.

If you haven’t chosen your photographer yet, look at the galleries of your favorites. Do they have experience with black & white photos? Is their editing style compatible with black & white? Ask them to show you some examples of combining this style. If they are experienced in delivering both color and black & white weddings, talk about the percentage of shots you’ll want in black & white. Editing photos is time consuming. If you think you want to see half of your pics in black & white, there may be an additional edit charge. Keep your percentage of black & white photos to a minimum. The point of adding black & white to your wedding photos is to enhance your gallery, not to get you confused. A great photographer knows how to use the black & white style to elevate your wedding photos.

While the color shot of this is just as lovely, there is something so powerful and emotional about the black & white version.

Be sure to ask your photographer to provide special shots in both color AND black & white. While you might love this black & white portrait, your mom is going to want this in full color so she can get a huge print to hang over her mantle. While good photographers know which shots look great in black & white, color choice is subjective. You (and your family) will want to have both color and black & white options of shots you really love.

Black & white shots can be powerful for candid shots too. The use of black & white on this simple shot of the couple moving to another spot captures the intimacy of the couple as the groom helps his bride with her train.
This shot is breathtakingly intimate. While it was taken during dinner, the use of black & white gives us a feeling that we are catching the couple in a private moment.

Photography: Appalachian Wedding Photography, appalachianweddingphotography.com

Venue, Catering, Florals, Decor: Tate House, www.tatehouse.com
Cake: Confection Perfection, https://www.confectionperfectioncakes.com
Seating chart: LabelsRus, www.etsy.com/shop/LabelsRus
Guest book: Please + Thanks Cards, www.etsy.com/shop/PleaseAndThanksCards
Bride’s Rings: Ferkos Fine Jewelry, www.etsy.com/shop/FerkosFineJewelry
Groom’s jacket/shoes/bow tie: Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique, https://www.weddingangels.com
Alterations: Irina’s Alterations, www.facebook.com/irinaalterations/
Shirt: The Tie Bar, https://www.thetiebar.com
Wedding Ring: Guven’s, https://www.guvenfinejewelry.com
Band: Emerald Empire Band, https://www.emeraldempireband.com
Groomsmen: The Black Tux, theblacktux.com

Wedding Submission Services: Published + Pretty, publishedandpretty.com

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