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Sharing your wedding plan is the key to a happy DIY wedding day

Candice Boone, Event Coordinator, The Club at Diamondhead

When we see a bride crying on her wedding day and it’s happy tears, we find ourselves reaching for the tissues too.  But, when we don’t see happy tears, we usually know the culprit. And no, it’s not because cousin Fred had one too many drinks at the bachelor’s breakfast and is telling people every embarrassing childhood story he can remember. It’s because the stylist or photographer is late, or the cake, or florist, or, well, you get the picture!

photo by Aislinn Kate Photography

Couples are excited when planning the day of their dreams, and most have fantastic ideas of what their day will look like from start to finish. Where we usually see planning go wrong is when they don’t share their vision, lists, and schedules with a trusted family member, maid-of-honor, or if they can afford one, a wedding planner. That “trusted person” should be a part of all of the wedding conversations leading up to the wedding day. All of the vendors should have the contact information for this person and know the point of contact on the wedding day. It’s not giving up control; it’s recognizing that the bride and groom shouldn’t have to worry about the DJ losing the wedding party’s names on their wedding day. 

When a bride wakes up on her wedding day, makeup & hair are usually the start of a busy day. If either the hairstylist or makeup artist is late, it can throw the whole day off. But if your trusted person called to confirm everything, you’re on your way to a beautiful day! Slip into that beautiful dress and glide into the waiting limo.

photo by White Buffalo Weddings

The florist is at the church, and assistants are at the reception venue; the photographer & videographer are setting up for your arrival at the church, and the groom is getting ready with his groomsmen. All of this is running on schedule because your trusted person followed your plan. Then the ceremony. It’s beautiful, and the bride, groom, family, and friends couldn’t be happier. Your trusted person made sure your vision was brought to life.

photo by MbM Photography

The reception venue is perfect. You and your trusted person met with the Event Coordinator a week before the wedding to review the floor plan, menus & time of service, your signature drink, and the names of your photographer, florist, DJ, and videographer. After your last dance, you and your groom can leave knowing that the day of your dreams became a reality because of your hard work and shared vision. A couple shouldn’t be worrying about anything on their wedding day except saying “I do” to the love of her life and celebrating with friends and family.

photo by Lauren Maria Photography

Candace Boone, Event Coordinator

The Club at Diamondhead

228 255-2917. [email protected]

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