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Benefits of Bridal Separates

Considering bridal separates for your wedding day look? It took us no time to totally jump on board with this trend! Multiple custom looks, a better fit, and the ability to rewear your wedding attire afterwards? Yes, please! You don’t have to sell us hard to see all the benefits of bridal separates, but we’ve broken down each below if you need a little push.

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Bridal Separates Can Be Totally Custom

Yes, a totally custom look for your day, but without having a hefty price tag. If you’ve been wedding dress shopping and just haven’t found something that’s totally checked all the boxes for you, try bridal separates! You can have a modern top, but a frilly, girly bottom. Or a bedazzled top, and a sleek skirt. It’s really up to you!

Multiple Looks with Bridal Separates

Not only can you have a custom look that you personally chose, but multiple looks at that! That’s right, you can have two (or more) totally different looks just by changing out the bridal separates! Add pieces like a cape or a long sleeve overlay for your ceremony and then just remove it for the reception for a new look. You could also replace your tulle skirt with a chic pair of white pants for your reception or getaway look too! It’s mix and match heaven.

A Better Fit

Sometimes when it comes to bridal gowns and clothes in general, some of us just have a hard time finding things that fit from top to bottom perfectly. One part is always a little off. While you can always get your wedding dress altered for the perfect fit, bridal separates give you another option. When you’re purchasing something specifically for each part of your body separately, you’re given the ability to go up or down sizes without affecting the rest of the ensemble. Not to mention, this could also save you big bucks too!

Did Someone Say Rewear?

Wedding attire can be very expensive and it’s so sad that we don’t get more use out of wearing our wedding dresses afterwards. Here’s where bridal separates are a definite plus! You can rewear a piece from your wedding day outfit on your anniversary, special occasions, or just on a night out depending on what it is. A big, fluffy wedding dress may not be appropriate for a dinner date, but sleek white pants from your reception look are. Really, the options are endless here too and you get to really get your money’s worth! 

by: Chelsey Gatlin

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