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No Wedding Party? No Problem!

With smaller, more intimate weddings on the rise, having a large wedding party (or even one at all) doesn’t seem to fit anymore. With wedding planning being stressful enough, you may be wishing to go an alternative route than having multiple bridesmaids or groomsmen. Today, we’re walking you through how to navigate your big day without one and how most importantly, it’s perfectly okay to not want a wedding party.

No Wedding Party? No Problem! | Navigating Not Having a Wedding Party | photo by Zelle Duda | featured on I Do Y'all
Zelle Duda

How to Tell Your Friends

Breaking the news to your friends might have mixed results. Some of your crew may be secretly relieved. After all, it is an investment for them and can sometimes be thousands of dollars. But others may be a bit hurt. Our best course of action is to explain to them why you don’t want to have one whether it’s because of time, guest list, budget, or just not your style. However, be sure to emphasize that they are still a valued addition to your wedding day. 

Boho Bride & Groom with Vintage VW Bus | photo by Jessica Rockowitz | featured on I Do Y'all
Jessica Rockowitz

Navigating Wedding Activities

Just because you don’t have a wedding party doesn’t mean that you can’t have the traditional wedding party activities like a bachelor/bachelorette party, bridal shower, or lingerie party. You can still do those things! For your bach parties, consider a joint trip with your spouse-to-be and his/her friends! You can even invite more people than just what was supposed to be your bridesmaids or groomsmen too. Or keep it to those closest to you. Totally your decision! 

Bride & Groom on Brooklyn Bridge Surrounded by People | photo by Eddi Aguirre | featured on I Do Y'all
Eddi Aguirre

Have Special People Involved in Your Day Still

Even without a wedding party, you can still include some of your special people in the day after all. Consider who will be ushering, greeting, doing special readings during the ceremony, and giving reception toasts. And don’t forget about when you’re getting ready. You can still have your girls and guys with you the morning of! 

Groom Placing Ring on Bride | photo by Matheus Ferrero | featured on I Do Y'all
Matheus Ferrero

Remember, It’s Okay!

It’s okay to not have a wedding party! Bottom line is it’s your day. Wedding party or not, you can still have all the things you envisioned for it. And your closest friends and family will still be there to celebrate your love whether they’re standing beside you in a $300 bridesmaids dress or seated wiping away tears as you marry your person. 

Bride & Groom Flashing Ring Finger Silly | photo by Devon Divine | featured on I Do Y'all
Devon Divine

Photos via Unsplash.

by: Chelsey Gatlin

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