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10 Smart Tips for Long-Distance Wedding Planning

Long-distance anything is hard. Relationships, running (don’t even get me started there), and yes, wedding planning too. You may have heard of or been in a LDR, but today we’re talking all about LDWP aka long-distance wedding planning. Adding a far location to the already stressful seas of wedding planning? Double whammy. No worries, we’re here to guide you through LDWP with ease with these 10 tips!

Elegant Navy Wedding Invitations on Silver Tray | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all

1. Find Your Theme & Stick to It

A simple way of kickstarting your wedding planning, long-distance or not, and being efficient while doing so is to find your theme and stick to it. Once you have a theme in mind, the detail and style decisions tend to get a little easier and you won’t get bogged down in random Pinterest ideas. It also helps to communicate to your vendors, so you can streamline choices.

2. Hire a Wedding Planner or Month-Of Coordinator

Speaking of vendors, your best bet is to hire a local wedding planner or at least a month-of-coordinator for your out-of-town wedding. They will know the local wedding market, have relationships with other vendors, and be able to be your point person throughout the madness.

Modern Oceanside All-White Wedding Ceremony Decor | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all

3. Be Prepared to Hit the Ground Running

If you can travel to your wedding destination, be prepared to jump in head first. Try to book most of your vendor meetings within the timeframe of your trip. Especially for tastings, fittings, or anything that can’t be done through phone calls, emails, and online. This may mean 5 meetings in one day. You got this!

4. Hello Zoom!

If 2020 hasn’t made Zoom your newest BFF, wait til you’re LDWP. Zoom calls can be incredibly beneficial especially if you can’t make the trip to your wedding destination often or at all. 

Wedding Dress Hanging on Balcony Overlooking the Ocean | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all for 10 Smart Tips for Long-Distance Wedding Planning

5. Here or There List

Your here or there list is an easy way of determining what all needs to be done when and where for a destination wedding. It’s deciding what can/should be done where you live vs. what needs to be done in the location you’re getting married.  

6. Try to Do as Much as You Can Locally

Let’s try to ease your stress about doing everything in a different location than where you live. It doesn’t all have to be done there! Things like your invitations, favors, and even wedding gowns can be done in your city or town, so you can get them done early with no travel needed.

Beaded Wedding Dress with Buttons Down the Back | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all
Strapless Wedding Gown for Modern Oceanside Wedding | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all

7. Don’t Sleep on Transportation

Don’t, don’t, don’t forget about arranging transportation! Whether it’s booking a flight and getting a rental car, or just figuring out how everyone is getting there, don’t leave this to the last minute. You would be surprised at how simple things can be forgotten and add a whole new stressor into the mix.

8. Delegate if You Need To

If you’re getting overwhelmed, don’t feel bad to delegate some of the tasks. Especially if you’re in the research stages of finding the right vendors or venue in your wedding location. Hand it off to your wedding planner, MOH, or family members! 

Elegant Navy Bridesmaids Dresses | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all

9. Arrive Early

Try to arrive a little early to your destination wedding location if you can. A week before would be great, but at least the Wednesday or Thursday before a Saturday wedding. Arriving early lets you tie up any loose ends and have a little break between traveling and the big day.

10. Breathe

Last, but not least, just breathe. Go ahead and take a deep breath now while we’re at it! Every wedding day is going to have hiccups and have things not go according to plan, even a wedding in your own city or backyard! Be prepared for something not to go exactly right, and remember what you’re planning for anyways. It’s not just a wedding, but a marriage! That’s what’s more important anyway!

Modern Oceanside Wedding | 10 Smart Tips for Long-Distance Wedding Planning | photo by Kera Photography | featured on I Do Y'all

Photos by Kera Photography  as seen in Modern Ocean Side Affair.

by: Chelsey Gatlin

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