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10 Quarantine Date Ideas for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds

Dates are crucial to any relationship whether you’re in your first few dates or if you’ve just celebrated your 50th anniversary and even during a global pandemic too! Even though you may have already been with this person for 4 months solid, spending time together and quality time together are two totally different things. Just look at it like this, if you can survive 2020 together and actually be better together and happier coming out of it, you’re set for life. So start scrolling to see all these quarantine date ideas!

Couple Road Trip | 10 Quarantine Date Ideas for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds | featured on I Do Yall | photo by Lightrise Photography
Light Rise Photography

1. Mini Road Trip

Road trips are wonderful for bonding, reconnecting, and just getting back to basics. It also feels very old school when people went for Sunday drives together. While a drive across the country may not work right now, take a short trip to a nearby city or somewhere that holds meaning for your relationship. Of course, a lot of us haven’t been driving because of the pandemic so you might need to check a few things before you go! Does your car actually turn on or do you need to charge the battery? Are you still insured or do you need to read this state farm review? Are your tires at the right pressure or do you need to pump them up? Once you’ve checked all of this, make sure you load up on snacks from your childhood, pick the perfect playlist, and belt your heart out! 

2. Foster a Pet

While this isn’t just a one day date idea, fostering a pet from a local animal shelter gives you something to care for together if you don’t already have kids, other pets, or even plants (yes, they count!) It not only helps your local shelter, but more importantly you’re giving a pup or kitty a loving home and creating fun memories in the process!

Couple Movie Night | featured on I Do Yall | photo by Phillip Goldsberry
 Phillip Goldsberry

3. Movie Night

Okay, you’ve probably already watched everything on Netflix by this point, but hear me out! Each of you pick your favorite movie from a random genre, a childhood classic you forgot about, or fully commit to watch a full film series like Harry Potter at one time. Arrange all the candy, chips, and popcorn into a snack buffet in front of the tv, and cuddle in. Bonus points if you go all out for a theme!

4. Take It Back

Recreate your first date at home or take a stroll to the spot where he proposed and changed your life forever. It’s super romantic, and makes you remember the reason behind all the wedding planning stress and what’s important during this corona chaos. 

Couple Cooking Together | 10 Quarantine Date Ideas for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds | featured on I Do Yall | photo by Hannah Busing
Hannah Busing

5. Create Some Heat in the Kitchen

Cook together! With new boxed meals delivered right to your door, it’s easier than ever before and so easy. You can try to recreate your favorite dishes from your local spot or try something completely new! This is an amazing way to spend time together and maybe find a new hobby you both enjoy. If you’re not Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, it’s also a fun way to laugh at the mess you made together.

6. Take A (Online) Class

Workouts, dancing, cooking, whatever it may be, learning a new skill or activity together is fun and exciting. If you aren’t able to physically go to a class right now, a lot are online and Youtube is a great resource to check out first. Plus, this new skill could even come in handy in the future!

Couple Photoshoot at Home | 10 Quarantine Date Ideas for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds | featured on I Do Yall | photo by Becca Tapert
Becca Tapert

7. Photoshoot for Two

Whip out the old camera or even your iPhone for a one-on-one photoshoot! You’ll love to have photos of one another when you’re old and gray, especially during such an unusual time in history. Plus, it’s great to get dressed up or down (wink, wink) and create some art together. 

PS –– DIY boudoir shoots with your partner or spouse are oh so sexy and great wedding gifts too!

8. DIY Project

Speaking of DIY, whether it’s the dresser from IKEA you’ve been meaning to put together for months or a completely new idea from Pinterest, tackle the project together! You’ll feel amazing once it’s done, and you have a new memory of the two of you working as a team! 

Couple At Home Photoshoot with Plants | 10 Quarantine Date Ideas for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds | featured on I Do Yall | photo by Light Rise Photography
Light Rise Photography

9. Game Night

Put your game face on! Playing board games and trivia with one another is such a simple way of checking out of real life for a moment to just have fun. You could even have a championship with some type of wager. No sore losers allowed though! 

10. Spa Day

Whether this is something you do regularly or it’s a completely foreign concept to you, this will not only help you connect with one another, but also feel a little less stressed which we all need right now! Order online or pick up some face masks, candles, and whatever else suits your self-care situation then relax and pamper each other! 

Engagement Photos at Sunset | 10 Quarantine Date Ideas for Engaged Couples & Newlyweds | featured on I Do Yall | photo by NeONBRAND

Images via Unsplash

by: Chelsey Gatlin

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