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Meet the team Monday – Alexis Moore

We began this series last Monday, and we loved seeing your response! Today, we are going to share with you someone whose face you see pretty regularly on our live stream, Alexis Moore, our Digital Media Coordinator.

The baby of our team, Alexis came to us as an intern a few years ago to help in our digital department. A fashion marketing major, Alexis was an immediate fit with the team, and was so passionate about style and fashion and an avid user of social media that we quickly moved her into working in that area. When it came time for her internship to end, she asked if she could continue through the next semester. Following that, it was apparent that she just was too valuable to let her leave, so we put her on payroll. She took a year off to concentrate on her school work as she transitioned to a new college. When we needed part-time help again this year, she was the first person we reached out to, and thankfully, she said yes! She is as sweet and fun as she is adorable, and has really made a great connection with our followers. Her passion for all things style-related is such an asset to our company, and she is extremely knowledgeable about all platforms of social media marketing. She brings a wealth of creativity to our team, and I can not wait to see the dynamic force she grows into in the coming years.

Name: Alexis Moore

Job Title: Digital Media Coordinator

Career path:  Marketing

School: Mississippi College

Hometown:  Brandon, Mississippi

Share a bit about your family. I come from a large family (I’m 1 of 5 daughters) my dad wouldn’t have it any other way! I have the sassiest nana on the planet, and I have a niece and nephew that I absolutely adore.

What is your favorite part of your job and what memories stand out about your experience here? There are many things I absolutely love about this job. I work with outstanding women who are driven and so talented it’s great being around that energy. I also enjoy the fact that I’m doing what I love: Social media, blogging, sharing love stories with the world!

What wedding pros do you love – blogs, magazines, vendors, etc.? There are so many talented people in the wedding industry it’s hard to pick, but I have always loved April and Paul’s photography. They are ridiculously talented.

Sum up your own wedding for us (or your dream wedding). Something adventurous and fun. I’ve always been a Disney girl, so I’d love to get married there!

What are your hobbies and or things you are passionate about? I am all over the place. I am a freelance makeup artist, a marketing student, and kind of an astrology nerd. I’m passionate about all three. I also enjoy traveling and being active.

Who are your personal heroes, professional or personal? My dad is probably my biggest hero! He shows me daily what hard work and determination looks like in his career and just being himself. It really inspires me.

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