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Super Groom saves swimmer from rip current during wedding photo session

When Cindy and Zac Edwards planned their Orange Beach, Alabama wedding this past weekend, they did not expect that the groom would be performing an ocean rescue. The bride, who is the group sales manager with Kaiser Realty by Wyndham helps engaged couples find the perfect location for their own weddings. As a wedding professional, Cindy and her husband had planned their laid-back beach event in a relatively short amount of time, and were ready to relax and enjoy their special day with family and friends.

Orange beach is a popular family vacation destination, and even though red flags were flying indicating hazardous water conditions, more than 100 people had to be rescued from waters during the week. Following the couple’s ceremony, they were in the midst of taking photographs when the group noticed someone struggling beyond the surf. Zac ,who is a member of the US Coast Guard with experience as a rescue swimmer, realized that the young man was caught in a rip current and that he was in serious trouble. As the beach first responders were away from the area rescuing other swimmers, Zac quickly stripped his shirt and shoes and headed into the water. The current was so strong, he could not get the young man back to shore but managed to keep him afloat long enough for the first responders to reach them and pull them to safety. Cindy and Zac are so adorable and sweet, and they are just both grateful that he was able to help the young man from Mississippi who is starting his senior year of high school this week. Zac’s bride is so proud of her new husband. “I got a hero and a hubby in one day.”

You can watch Cindy and Zac’s interview with ABC News featured on Good Morning America by clicking the photo below.


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