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Intimate Backyard Wedding in Atlanta

A small gathering in a big city made this backyard wedding one of the sweetest things we’ve ever seen.

Kristen met Aden when they both worked in news media in Jackson, Mississippi. She was a reporter for the local daily and he was a videographer for a local television station. Their intimate October wedding in the heart of Atlanta was full of emotion and style. HLG Photography documented every special detail.

“Last year we planned a very large wedding but it wasn’t in the cards for it to happen,” Kristen said. “Nearly a year later, we got married in the smallest, sweetest, most-perfect ceremony for us and there were only a little more than a dozen people there. Our message to everyone is to do your wedding your way, no matter what.”

There were many beautiful moments and happy tears that day. “One of the most meaningful and special moments of our wedding day, in my opinion, was one no one else witnessed but the two of us,” Kristen recalled.

“My tiny house was hectic with everyone getting ready for the wedding and getting last minute touches in order. Aden had been in his tux for a while but I had just squeezed into my dress and stepped out of my bedroom.

“At that exact moment, Aden was coming out of the bathroom and our eyes locked. That was our ‘first look’ and just for that moment in time, everything slowed down and we took in the sight of our future spouse.

“I’ll remember the look on his face for the rest of our lives.”


May you have many blessings and happy years, Kristen and Aden!

Venue | Private Home // Location | Atlanta, Georgia, USA // Date | October 20, 2017 // Photography | HLG Photography // Hair Stylist | Replenish Salon // Cake | Piece of Cake, Inc


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