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Bridal Beauty Emergency Kit

We all want our big day to go perfectly with little-to-no setbacks. A perfect day with no stress is a bride’s dream come true! No one should stress on their best day ever so we pieced together a bridal beauty survival kit to get you through any beauty speed bumps your wedding day throws at you! From an oily t-zone to unexpected humidity, we’ve got you covered!

What you will need:

  • Makeup wipes – For any makeup mishaps that occur. You can simply erase the mistake with a precise hand!
  • Tweezers – Brows, stray hairs, splinters, hang nails. This tool is a wedding day survival staple.
  • Lip balm – Silky-smooth lips for the big “You may kiss the bride” moment!
  • Translucent powder/blotting sheets – perfect for an oily t-zone and keeping your wedding day makeup locked in place
  • Makeup sponge – just in case you need an applicator for touch-up powders
  • Face powder –  for fixing your foundation after hugging, crying, and sweating in the humid south!
  • Lipstick/lip gloss – carry around your wedding day shade or something similar that you can use to touch up your lips when you need it!
  • Nail clippers & nail file – because broken nails happen
  • Waterproof mascara – so your lashes stay perfect even through those happy tears!
  • Bobby pins – to completely dance-proof that up-do.
  • Lotion – in situations where your skin feels like it needs a little boost.
  • Comb – for tangles, teasing, and taming frizz!
  • Hairspray – when wedding day hair meets 75% humidity
  • Dry Shampoo – for added volume or an oily scalp
  • Small bottle of perfume – for refreshing your signature wedding day scent
  • Lash glue (optional) – for keeping falsies locked into place
  • Falsies (optional)- just in case the first pair of lashes is lost or comes off and cannot be put back on.

After you’ve gathered these essentials, just toss them all into a bag and hand it over to your maid of honor for safe keeping on the big day!

Stay prepared!

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