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Your Guide To Finding the Best Red Lipstick

Choosing a red lipstick can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you haven’t worn a red lip before. The secret to rocking a red lip is super simple: it’s all about your skin tone! So, we’ve dug around and done our research and found two gorgeous shades for every skin tone. Whether you’re the richest ebony or the most delicate porcelain, your days of stressing over the perfect red are over!

Fair skin

If you fall into the fair-complected category, your biggest concerns may be that red lipsticks can give your skin a washed-out appearance or just be too dark on you. Luckily, that’s not the case when picking the right shades. When choosing a good red shade, look for bright reds with blue under tones. These shades give your skin a glow (and make your teeth look whiter, too). A perfect example that you can purchase right now is Colour Pop Cosmetics’ Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Creeper.

(photo credit: Colour Pop)

Red lipsticks with raspberry hues are another great option when opting for a red lip. These shades give a bright, youthful look to fair skin that’s fresh and flattering. We love Mac Cosmetics lipstick in Relentlessly Red  a sweet, berry red tone that gives fair skin that subtle pop of color that isn’t too overwhelming and the best part is it’s absolutely perfect for everyday wear.

(Photo credit: Fame Focus)

Taylor Swift is known for sporting red lipstick on the regular. We just had to share her pairing a beautiful pink red lip with her fair, ivory skin– Absolutely stunning!

(Photo credit: Temptalia)

Medium Skin 

 With medium skin, you probably find that red lipstick with cool blue undertones turn a little too pink on you. You also may find that candy apple reds don’t give your skin the  “pop” you want from red lipstick. We find that fiery red lipsticks with orange hues look amazing on your skin. Lady Danger by Mac cosmetics was made for you and this shade really packs a punch!

(Photo Credit: Beauty Stat)

When Kendall Jenner pairs a fiery red orange lipstick with her olive skin it’s literally bombshell magic.

(Photo credit: Temptalia)

If you’re going for something a little more elegant and dramatic, burgundy red toned lipsticks are a great option for a deep sultry look that isn’t too “vampy.” Avenue by Colour Pop is a stunning, burgundy, brick red that’ll definitely get you that deep, classic lip that isn’t too dark, but is rich enough to turn heads.

(Photo credit: Colour Pop)

Deep Skin

For deep complected beauties, fiery red tones tend to be too bright. Like your fair complected friends, red lipsticks with blue undertones give you that youthful and vibrant glow to your skin.  Ruby Woo by Mac Cosmetics looks absolutely stunning on deep complexions without it being too vivid or pastel.

(Photo Credit: Makeup and Beauty )

Rihanna is always making a statement with her makeup, but we adore her in a blue toned red lip!

(Photo Credit: Temptalia)

“Vampy” oxblood shades with red hues look amazing on deep complected beauties. If  you’re going for an on-trend and sultry look, we think LAX by Colour Pop is an amazing option.

(Photo credit: Colour Pop)

Red lips are the “little black dress” of makeup everyone needs their go-to red lipstick! Choosing the right shade is tough since there is many options. However, we hope our guide to finding the perfect shade helped a little, if not tremendously!

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