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Accommodating Rehearsal Dinner Guests’ Dietary Restrictions

Food allergies, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free – over the last 10 years, these terms have become a common part of our vocabulary. As wedding preparations get underway, you should be ready to accommodate those on your guest list who have some sort of dietary restriction. Don’t panic – a seasoned caterer will have experience in preparing meals that adhere to certain dietary guidelines. However, it is important to vet a venue carefully to ensure they understand and will be able to handle these requests.

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Vegan and Vegetarian

Vegetarians do not consume meat. Vegans do not consume anything that comes from an animal, including eggs and dairy products. This will likely be a request your caterer is familiar with, so they are sure to have some ideas that are not only free of animal and dairy but also tasty. Eggplant Parmesan, vegetarian lasagna, black bean burgers and stuffed bell peppers are just a few delicious meatless options. Your caterer may also be able to suggest vegetarian or vegan entrees that are also safe for guests with food allergies, so that one menu option can meet more than one dietary restriction.

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Food Allergies

Food allergies are quite a bit more serious. Common food allergies include milk, eggs, nuts, fish, gluten and even certain fruits and vegetables. Depending on the severity, coming in contact with the allergen could cause a guest to become quite sick and even result in a life threatening reaction. If you have a guest with a life-threatening food allergy, voice your concerns to your caterer well in advance.

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Your caterer will need to be aware and plan accordingly, especially if cross contamination is a concern. For example, a meal prepared for a person with severe nut allergies will need to be cooked and prepared separately from the rest of the food to avoid risking even the smallest trace amount of the allergen coming in contact with the food.

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It’s a good idea to include space on RSVP cards where guests can write in any special dietary needs. Good communication and working closely with your caterer is key.

This is the third post in a three-part series in partnership with Table 100. Read the previous posts in this series, Kickoff to the Wedding: What to Consider When Planning a Rehearsal Dinner and Special Touches to Personalize Your Rehearsal Dinner. Table 100 is a casual restaurant featuring a piano bar with craft cocktails and euro-american bistro fare in a turn-of-the-century New Orleans atmosphere. At Table 100, the kitchen is chef-driven, meaning the staff has the flexibility and experience necessary to meet special dietary needs. The Flowood, Mississippi restaurant’s chefs and staff have worked closely with many guests, and will work closely with you, in order to prepare delicious meal options that will accommodate everyone.



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