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Leaf Confetti DIY


Eco-friendly, free, and confetti. We can’t think of three words that would get us more excited about a DIY project! For all those brides out there looking for an easy-peasy way to personalize their wedding, this is the tutorial for you! And its GREEN (literally)! Sometimes you want to be kind to nature, sometimes you want to get your hands dirty, and sometimes your venue has extremely strict rules about what kind of items your guests can toss as you head off into the sunset. Either way, this confetti fits the bill. So pull out those hole-punchers and watch our step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own green confetti from leaves in your backyard!


Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Supplies needed:

– leaves of various textures, colors, and sizes
– scissors (for cutting leaves and branches off of trees)
– hole punch

Step 1: Gather your leaves.

Go out into the world and see all that nature has to offer! Right outside our office we found over 8 different kinds of greenery we could use! Remember to look at the underside of the leaf too! We like the pretty browns that we got from the other side of a magnolia leaf.


Now is the time to round up your wedding squad and have a hole punching party! We like the bigger leaves for the amount of confetti you can get out of them, but there is something cute and fun about using tiny clovers and thin leaves too! Don’t be afraid to experiment with whatever you can find. The amount of time this takes will obviously vary by the amount of hands you can recruit, but if you want buckets full of tossing confetti you should start this project early. This was a bit time-consuming, but the smell of freshly punched leaves can’t be beat!

Optional: Our local craft store didn’t have any, but try using different punches for a fun effect! We’re thinking hearts, stars, and flower punches for spring/summer weddings, and maybe snowflakes or leaf punches for fall/winter celebrations!

Step 3: Gather up your punches.

Be sure to collect all of your little punches into a bowl or cup. Every little bit counts. But don’t be afraid to take your hard work and test it out! We couldn’t help but throw a handful or two of leaves at unsuspecting passerby in the office (hey, its eco-friendly)! It cleaned up great and we didn’t feel bad for sweeping the confetti right out the door. We call that a WIN-WIN!

OPTIONAL STEP: Add bits of dried flowers.

Our Marketing Manager is notorious for having dead/dying plants on her desk at all times (bless her heart- she tries), so we pulled a few dead peony and mum petals from her vase and added them to mix. We loved the added texture and color it gave to the confetti! Not too mention that it drastically cut down on how much was needed for a good handful!

And that’s it! Truly one of the easiest DIY’s ever and we think brides everywhere can appreciate the price. So grab your punches and head outside! We put our eco-confetti in little favor bags, but the sky is the limit! If you try this tutorial, make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see how it turned out! @idoyallblog


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  • Vanessa Carpenter
    February 17, 2020 at 6:03 PM

    This could take a while to get enough. How far in advance can you do it without risking the leaves all turning from green to brown though???

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