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5 Hottest Wedding Cake Trends of 2017

Cake trends come and go, but most brides agree that choosing their cake is one of the more enjoyable parts of planning their wedding (hello cake tastings!). After all, your cake is so much more than an awkward photo session in the middle of your wedding. It’s also a design statement, a centerpiece, and a yummy favor for your guests. With so many fresh and new ideas popping up around the wedding cake scene, we want to update our wedding cake trends for 2017 with some of our new favorites! Get ready for some serious eye-candy (frosting?) and make some extra room on your Wedding Cake board.

Geode Wedding Cakes

Technically, these gorgeous rocks are really rock candy, but that doesn’t stop geode and agate inspired wedding cakes from taking our breath away. This trend emerged in 2016, but the new year has seen some truly stunning updates to the geode wedding cake movement. Edible gold leaf and jewel-tone food coloring, wielded by an experienced baker, has led to some of our most beloved pins of the year.

source: Nadine Berns Photography

source: Intricate Icings Cake Designs

source: Carrie’s Cakes

source: Cake Life Bake Shop

Marbled Wedding Cakes

Marble has long been celebrated in the world of home decor and design for being beautiful, clean, and minimalistic in all the right ways. 2017 has brought this trend to the world of wedding cakes and we cannot be happier. Chic swirls of color offer stunning and unique patterns in any color you can imagine. While we’re particularly fond of grays and blues for this cake design, we also can’t help swooning at the amazing colorful creations we’ve seen at summer and spring weddings so far this year. Keep your buttercream dreams for your cupcakes, because fondant is a must for this design.  Consider a pop of metallic to really set off this minimalist look.

source: Ella’s Celestial Cakes

source: Crummb

source: Sweet Deer

source: Danielle Yashar Photography

Ruffled Wedding Cakes

Delicate and oh-so-feminine, ruffles are a long-time favorite of brides and are sticking around for the show in 2017. A ruffled cake needs little to draw the eye. A few floral embellishments spaced strategically around your layers will help tie your cake in with your other design elements and decor. Your ruffles can be thin and tiny for a fun and frills look, or more sedate and spaced out for a modern interpretation. Either way, keep your embellishments to a minimum to keep your cake elegant and beautiful.

source: Jay’s Catering

source: Megan Vaughan Photography

source: Hunter Photographic

source: Apryl Ann Photography

Watercolor Wedding Cakes

Have you noticed all of the beautiful handpainted invitations popping up on Pinterest lately? Take a note from stationary and invitation designers and add some artwork to your wedding cake. Keep your base simple and clean, and skip the buttercream to get the best results. Fondant is queen for watercolor cakes and your design will be a showstopper and all your guests will want to talk about. Minimal floral decor and a carefully selected cake stand is the perfect way to complement your baker’s amazing work of art.

source: Carrie’s Cakes

source: London Light Photography

source: Nadio & Co.

Woodland Wedding Cakes

Greenery being all the rage in 2017, it’s no surprise that brides are taking their cues from nature when it comes to designing their buttercream masterpieces. Natural, minimalist, and adorned with earthy tones and foliage, these cakes speak to brides who want understated beauty, and a more relaxed feel to their big day. To get this look, stick with a neutral base and let your flowers, greenery, or berries do all the talking. A drip effect with caramel or raspberry sauce would be a great way a little color. Don’t forget about the rest of your table! A wooden cake stand or a moss covered table can take your cake from simple, to woodland whimsical in no time flat.

source: Lisa Howard Photography

source: Crystal Stokes Photography

source: Yaroslav and Jenny Photography

source: Amy Swann


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