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Cool Ways to Serve Frozen Treats at Your Wedding

Deep South Pops | followell | fotography

Gourmet popsicles handcrafted with locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients are a revolutionary twist on the spring and summer staple childhood treats that are a fan favorite of nostalgic adults. We love the idea of serving frozen sweet treats in cool ways that your guests will love. Check out our favorite ideas on the blog today for the perfect way to serve these cold confections to delight your wedding guests.

  • What could be more fun than serving up some gourmet popsicles to your wedding guests from a custom cooler bicycle? We love Mississippi’s own Deep South Pops as they handcraft palate pleasing popsicles with locally-sourced ingredients, which will have your guests coming back for seconds!

Deep South Pops – followell | fotography

Deep South Pops – followell | fotography

Deep South Pops

Honey Bee’s Vintage Teas

Shella Photography

  • Gourmet popsicles are great additions to wedding reception desserts. Super creative flavors and unforgettable presentations with even the option to pour champagne over a custom flavor makes these cold treats the perfect addition to a festive wedding reception.

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Mango Studios

Cappy Hotchkis

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Marianne Wilson Photography

  • Popsicles are the perfect prop for adorable pictures with a happy couple and their wedding guests!

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Eliza Kennard

Eliza Kennard

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