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5 Wedding Day Mistakes Every Bride Should Avoid!

The wedding day is finally here after months of planning and preparation. With all the countless details and finances invested in a wedding ceremony and reception make sure to safeguard your special day by avoiding these wedding day blunders. Take our tips on the blog today to make simple fixes to make your wedding day less stressful!

Don’t skip breakfast or forget to snack while you are waiting for your ceremony to begin. 

Your groom and bridesmaids all would like to avoid seeing a wedding day bridezilla, so make sure you eat a well balanced meal before heading to your church or wedding venue.

Don’t overlook packing a “bridal emergency kit” for useful cosmetics and accessories to help with your wedding day attire. 

There is always a chance that a strap could break, the humidity will do a number on your hair or you just need to freshen up before walking down the aisle. Pack a small bag with bobby pins, hairspray, deodorant, gum, breath mints, toothpaste and a tooth brush and any other helpful items to make your day easier.  

Avoid simply rushing from one demand of the day of your wedding to the next.

Yes, weddings are happy, but unfortunately stressful. There have been months and months of planning and as the bride-to-be you would love all those details to go smoothly. Take a quiet moment even in the middle of getting ready and wedding day photographs to be still and appreciate your wedding day. Even if you take 5 minutes away from the hustle and bustle, you need a moment to appreciate your wedding day and the commitment that you and your groom will soon make. Take a few minutes to step away from your bridesmaids and your phone and find a spot in the church or wedding venue to be still, give thanks and maybe even smell the roses!

Don’t wait until the morning of your wedding for last minute honeymoon packing or  completing that DIY project.

Early preparation will make your day less stressful and set the tone for the day. Do plan ahead and have your to-do list complete well in advance of your wedding day. That DYI “Do-It-Yourself” project will become “Disaster-Is-Yours” project as the wedding day demands will take away from any free time that you would need to finish that Pinterest project.

We live in a time where everyone’s cell phone is the new appendage, but remember than only certain calls are necessary and the bride doesn’t need the hassle of constant communication on the wedding day.

You can’t just turn off your phone on your wedding day, so let your maid of honor have the role of helping screen calls|texts. A great idea is to have a professionally printed list of important telephone numbers and addresses that you can give your wedding vendors before the wedding in the event they need to contact your coordinator, wedding venue or event designer with questions.

Would you like more tips for planning your wedding? Visit our blog for more great ideas!

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