AJC & The Envelope Pushers


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AJC and The Envelope Pushers was established 2007 with an unwavering commitment to the art of genre jumping. As any group or movement has been formed out of necessity, this band is no exception to that rule. Running the gamut from old school hip hop, pop and blues, The E-Pushers have easily set themselves apart from others by seamelessly fusing music and ultimately becoming genre-less.

Jackson, Mississippi is home base for the band and they are proud of their state being the birthplace of American music and rehearse tirelessly to uphold the bar that has been set by many music artists that have come and gone over the years. From Hal & Mals in Jackson to the House of Blues in New Orleans, this band creates waves of excited crowds every step of the way allowing for the soul of the music to resonant within them with every note played and sung. The audience finds themselves witnessing a wow factor that only increases as the night progresses.

Tailor Made Ensembles


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Joshua Started Tailor Made Ensembles in 2015 after decades of providing music for countless weddings and private events with his jazz bands for almost 20 years. He founded Tailor Made Ensembles after working with many wedding clients who weren’t quite sure how to get the perfect small ensemble music for their wedding/reception and didn’t know where to start in the process. He decided to create a service to provide highly skilled jazz, classical, and acoustic music for private events. In addition, Tailor Made Ensembles offers details consulting to help guide brides and grooms who are designing their wedding music repertoire and picking out the perfect instrumental ensemble to play for their big day.