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Capture Every Moment at Picturesque Butterfield Mansion

Photo credit Sully Clemmer Photography

Any wedding held at the elegant Butterfield Mansion is sure to have everyone falling head over heels for this venue. The spacious grounds, the stunning interiors, and the classically beautiful architecture all ensure the perfect wedding photographs. However, these features have more to offer than a pretty picture. With space and amenities to host all kinds of ceremonies and celebrations, this property will be ideal for whatever type of party you have planned.

Photo credit Masa Kathryn Photography

Photographers have fallen in love with Butterfield Mansion, and we don’t blame them. Because of the timeless southern architecture distinctively placed all over the home, every nook and cranny of this venue makes for a stunning photograph. From the unforgettable staircase portraits, to the pictures taken on the classically beautiful front porch, every moment captured here has captured our hearts.

Photo credit Masa Kathryn Photography

While photographs taken at this estate are sure to be unforgettable, Butterfield Mansion offers so much more by being a dream setting for any kind of festivity. If you’re aiming for a rustic outdoor reception, the grounds of Butterfield Mansion are spacious enough for all your partying needs. If you’re nervous about your caterer having to sprint inside and outside the house, don’t worry. There’s plenty of space for them to set up their own outdoor kitchen and cooking area. On top of that, the area is even graveled, eliminating the stress of muddy grounds.

Photo credit Masa Kathryn Photography

If you’re wanting an indoor wedding, Butterfield Mansion is perfect for that too. With seventeen rooms, this grand estate has plenty of space indoors. Head into the light and airy sunroom for some graceful photographs or travel down the spiral staircase to the cellar, ideal for casual seating or setting up a bar. With all of this and more, the venue acts as a blank canvas, allowing you to decorate with any theme you desire.

Photo credit Kelly Nevels Photography

Whatever vibe you have in mind, you can bring your vision to life at Butterfield Mansion. With plenty of space and accommodations for your reception, as well as countless places for photo ops, this venue is the perfect timeless backdrop to say, “I do.” For more information on Butterfield Mansion, visit them online.

Photo courtesy of Butterfield Mansion

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