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DIY Catering Made Easy in Central Mississippi

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For many, food is the language of love, and we can’t think of a better way to express that than through DIY catering. It’s perfect for any couple who wants to be in charge of their own menu and save money, and there are a lot of benefits that come with doing it yourself. From personalizing your menu to sticking with your budget, doing it yourself will make you feel proud at the end of your special day. We consulted catering expert, Aaron Welborne with Florence, Mississippi’s Country Pleasin’, for tips to make your DIY reception all that you want and more.

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Do you have beloved family recipes that you feel have to be included in the reception menu? DIY catering is the perfect way to do this! Get the whole family involved in the process by helping your grandma make her famous mac and cheese, and if she wants to relax you can always swing by Country Pleasin’ to pick up some mac and cheese that’s just as good as hers. They have all your favorite southern sides you grew up loving. On top of that, planning your own menu can be helpful when it comes to dietary restrictions. By doing it yourself you can ensure that all the vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options are available for your loved ones. 

Photo courtesy of Country Pleasin’

Don’t get us wrong, this type of catering can be stressful, but you don’t have to do it all yourself. You can easily DIY while enlisting the help from professionals. Country Pleasin’ will be your saving grace when it comes to finding the perfect foods for your reception. They offer menu consultations, and their catering menu is only as limited as your imagination. Not only can you pick from any of their delicious specialties in store, you can also work with them to plan your perfect spread. Because they cook their meat the old fashioned way (slow cooking it for over four hours), you won’t have to worry about your wedding party receiving a subpar dining experience. 

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Photo courtesy of Country Pleasin’

Doing it yourself also has lots of practical advantages, especially when it comes to budgeting. According to Aaron, by taking the DIY route you’ll be cutting the cost of your reception in half. You’ll also avoid the cost of labor, conserving even more. Doing it yourself makes your reception so rewarding for you and your family, and we’re sure everyone will be jumping for joy over how much you saved. 

Photo courtesy of Country Pleasin’

We know that food holds a special place in everyone’s heart, and DIY catering is a way to provide for your friends and family in a memorable way. It may feel daunting, but with help from your loved ones and maybe even some experts like Country Pleasin’, it’s a great way to cut costs and make your reception menu your own. For more information on Country Pleasin’, visit them online at countrypleasin.com.

Photo courtesy of Country Pleasin’

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