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Wedding Catering Trend: Fantastic Food Trucks

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Wedding food trucks are all the craze for catering for creative and delicious wedding receptions. From savory menus of gourmet pizza, tasty tacos and renowned homemade burgers to sweet treats of soft serve ice cream, doughnuts and desserts, your guests will surely be coming back for more! Food trucks can specialize in beverages of your choice with a brewery truck or a mobile bar with skilled bartenders to even a barista serving your guests specialty coffee drinks.

We’ve found on the blog today our favorite food trucks and 5 reasons why engaged couples should consider using wedding food truck catering for their reception!

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5 Reasons Why We Love Wedding Food Trucks!

#1 – Food trucks are a budget friendly alternative to more traditional catering choices.

# 2 – Couples can be creative and show their personality with their favorite foods in a fun and festive way.

#3 – Having multiple trucks – one for savory and the other for sweets – is the perfect pairing to please your guests’ taste buds.

# 4 – Food trucks add an element of flexibility with location set-up and replace pricey sit-down dinners.

# 5 – The fun and creative atmosphere of wedding food truck receptions enables your guests to socialize and will surely leave a smile on their faces.

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The Karovan Bar

Lurny D’s Grille

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Ashley Kickliter

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Combi Coffee

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