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Premier Bride of Mississippi: “Follow the Bride”

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Congratulations to Nicki Jeane and Aaron Kopp for being chosen as our featured couple in Premier Bride of Mississippi’s “Follow the Bride” video series. Our “Follow the Bride” series will premier in mid September.  A special thank you to our sponsors: ABC Rental Centers & Take Two Video Pro.

Nicki will wed Aaron in a beautiful fall wedding ceremony on October 15, 2016, in Ocean Springs, Mississippi at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art with April and Paul Photography capturing all the beautiful memories of their special day. Let’s get to know more about the love story of our special bride-to-be Nicki and her fiance, Aaron.

 Nicki, tell us about you and Aaron. What is special about your relationship? 

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Aaron moved to Ocean Springs after going to the University of Michigan and interning at Ingall’s Shipbuilding the previous summer. Although he was born and raised in Michigan, one summer on the Mississippi coast had him hooked. He moved south immediately after graduation to become a Naval Architect and design ships for the Navy and Coast Guard. Since I grew up on the Gulf Coast, it was an easy decision for me to move back after leaving Ole Miss and Oxford, Mississippi. I advocated for and assisted in opening a clinic for children with special needs in Ocean Springs, and now I am a Behavior Therapist at Will’s Way Pediatric Behavioral Psychology Clinic.

Aaron and I met in downtown Ocean Springs through mutual friends in June 2011. Since we had so many friends in common, we saw each other almost every week that summer at different parties and events. We quickly became close friends. One day he called and asked me if I would go shopping with him to help pick out clothes. While we were shopping, I noticed that he bought everything that I commented on.

Pretty soon, he started flirting openly and asking me to go on dates. I was extremely hesitant, told him no for months, and explained that I would really like for us to remain friends. Finally, by October, I agreed to go on one date. It was the best date I had been on. Not because of an extravagant restaurant  or any romantic gesture – the date was casual and laid back. The entire night just felt like we were exactly where we should be. Everything was effortless, and I knew that this was different from anything I had ever experienced before.

The date was dinner at a local restaurant, walking on  the beach, and talking on a pier for hours, but it felt like the most exciting night I had ever had. The next weekend I took him parasailing in Destin, and the next month I took him to Thanksgiving to meet my family. Over the past 5 years we have grown closer and closer together, and now it is hard to imagine a life apart.

Aaron continues to surprise me. He designed my engagement ring himself, took the design to W.P. Shelton Jewelers, and had them create it. He proposed to me at a Mardi Gras Ball with many of our closest friends present. He even invited my parents to the coast to be a part of everything.

Throughout our relationship, Aaron had definitely made me a better version of myself. He is so selfless and morally driven. His love for nature and the outdoors is infectious, and now we love going hiking and kayaking together any chance we get. We take time for each other. We can put our phones down and go for a walk, or we can listen to music and share a bottle of wine. We both strive to be the best part of the other’s day, and most days we succeed. We enjoy each other’s company, and I believe those small moments are when our love grows the most.

What are the special details of your wedding?

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Our theme for our wedding is arts and local culture mixed with elegant touches. The color scheme is black, silver and gold. We both love Ocean Springs so much that there was an easy answer to where we would get married. Aaron and I are both fans of Walter Anderson’s artwork, and Aaron has given me paintings for birthdays and other special occasions throughout our relationship. We looked at a few other venues, but once we walked through the museum and the mural covered Community Center it was decided. Aaron looked at me and said “None of the other places have made your eyes water up. This is where we should get married.” I didn’t even realize that my eyes were watering (I am a happy crier.)

My family moved to north Alabama after Hurricane Katrina and most of Aaron’s family has never visited Mississippi, so we knew at the start of planning that we wanted to show them all why we love living here. We continue to build in details to out wedding events to showcase our town and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Family members on both sides have been helping is each step of the way. One of the many DIY projects I have taken on is to make my own brooch bouquet. Women on both side of our families have given me brooches that were special to them or that they would like me to add. Aaron has been working on projects of his own such as creating “fly fishing” boutonnieres.

Our vendors have also been instrumental in helping us turn our ideas and vision into a reality. We met with each vendor personally before booking, and they all contact us regularly to give us advice or check and see how planning is going We have even formed friendships outside of wedding planning with many of our vendors. The best part of all the wedding planning is that we have done each and every step together. Aaron has come to Bliss Wedding Cafe, Gulf Coast Event Professional Events, and two Premier Bridal Shows. He isn’t just tagging along either – he is involved.

October 15, 2016, will not just be my day – it will be our day. Our family and friends will surround us, and we will both be represented in each detail because we worked together to create a day to celebrate the love we have for each other. I cannot wait to marry the man who makes me smile, laugh, and value every day.

Thank you Nicki and Aaron for letting Premier Bride of Mississippi take part in your special journey to your wedding day! Be on the lookout for more of Nicki and Aaron’s journey during our 2016 Premier Bride of Mississippi’s “Follow the Bride” spotlights on www.idoyall.com