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Get Full and Flawless Brows for Your Big Day

Wedding day beauty is a thing many brides stress about. Every bride wants to look their best down to the finest detail! Eyebrows are a huge player in the modern day beauty regimen. So we have some tips and products to recommend to help you achieve full and flawless brows for your wedding day!

A few months before your big day/ stop plucking, waxing, or threading your brows. Part of getting that full brow look is growing them out! For a little while, you may feel like you have two caterpillars crawling on your forehead, but trust us it’s totally worth the wait!

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Get your brows waxed, threaded, or bring out those trusty tweezers a week before your wedding!

TIP: Try to avoid going thin and ask your brow technician to just remove the excess hair that isn’t apart of the thickest part of the brow. Same goes for tweezing.

Next, you’ll need to define and fill in your newly shaped brows. Brow products are generally categorized into four categories: pencils, powders, pomades, and gels. It can be a little overwhelming considering all of the options out there so we’ve picked out a high end and drugstore product that we LOVE for each category!


Anastasia Beverly Hills ($23) is notorious for bringing their A-Game when it comes to brow products. This brow definer pencil is super easy to use and just the right amount of pigmentation it also has a spoolie brush at the other side of the pencil to come your brow hairs in place !

Tip: Use a light hand with brow pencils to create hair like strokes that go along with the natural shape of the brow for the most natural look possible.

This brow pencil by La Girl Cosmetics ($5.99) may be tiny, but it packs a huge punch of pigment and has laser-like precision that’s perfect for creating hair-like strokes for a nice full brow look!


This brow powder by Anastasia Beverly Hills ($23)  is a must have for brides who want soft, natural brows for their big day. Super easy to use and no risk of over drawing or having too much pigment!

Tip: Use this lighter shade towards the inner part of the brow and the darker for shading the middle-to-tail end of the brow for a soft gradient effect!

Rimmel London makes brow powders amazing and affordable for a bride who wants full brows but doesn’t want to empty her pockets for it. This brow kit ($4.49) has all the tools you need:  A double sided angled brush and a spoolie! The kit also has a pan for wax that tames the brow hairs in place so you can go over with powder to fill in those sparse areas and achieve your ultimate brow look.


Anastasia’s dip brow pomade ($18) is a must have!  They pack major pigmentation and staying power for full brows that last through rain or shine! You can pick them up at any Ulta or Sephora location!

Tip: When using this product, a little goes a long way so just slightly dip an angled brush into it and work little by little so the pigment is natural and soft!

The NYX Cosmetics Tame & Frame Pomade ($6.99) is similar to the Anastasia one however, it’s a lighter formula that’s perfect for those brides who want super sculpted brows, but not heavy pigment.


The Benefit Gimme Brow Gel ($24) is super simple to use and has a slight tint to it to fill in the brows slightly all while shaping them into place!

Wet n Wild is a drugstore beauty powerhouse and is every beauty gurus best kept secret when it comes to affordable products that have pigment quality! Their brow mascara ($4.99) is a must-have brow product and is basically Gimme Brow’s lighter, little sister.

Tip: When using brow gels brush the inner part of the brow up to give this illusion of fullness and comb the rest of the hairs in their normal direction!

With the right shape, great products and a little practice, you’ll have the perfect brows for your big day.

Stay Beautiful!


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